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Hi I have a question need advice
I got question of diet and exercise , I was currently doing palates , yoga ,strength training classes and tabata classes and water aerobics like 5 to 6 days a week 2 to 2.5 hrs a day , for 3 months eating ...
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Tim Ferriss' - low carb + 1 day off
Am going to try Tim Ferriss' low carb diet; which he claims will drop 10 lbs in 2 weeks. No sugar, not even fruit. No dairy. Lots of protein and dark green vegetables. Day 2 - Quite a change in ...
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started by solo58.   
Loose weight
Hi my name is Dawn. Just starting and I need to loose 46 pounds. As I get older it gets harder.
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started by itak1, 5 months ago.   
Evolving sucess story
Hi, I have been using the Fat Secret app since June 23 this year. When I started I was 263 pounds. By just keeping close to my suggested calorie intake and going for a bike ride every couple of days, I ...
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high cholerterol
just found out I have high cholesterol and need a diet to go oncan you help
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Trying to get fit!
I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I need to lose at least 40 lbs. in the next year and to get off of diabetic medications. Wish me luck!!
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started by Vette Pooh.   
starting over
Hello all I am starting over its been a long time and I have gained a lot . How are you all today
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started by lauraroz.   
Excited to be back on FatSecret
Hello Team: My name is Donna and I am just coming back after a three year hiatus. I started weight watchers today with a team of co-workers. I remembered how motivated I was as a part of FatSecret and ...
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started by Tennis Mama, 9 months ago.   
After First Week
Down 6.2 lbs in my first week. I love fatsecret. It has motivated me to be good all week. I love getting on each day. :d
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started by cynthianull, 10 months ago.   
Fat bloke....just joined
Just joined 2 days ago...hoping to relieve my knees of the extra couple of stones they are carrying....knees are worn out and about time I did something to shift the lardage...:-) the app and hope ...
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Started Sunday on the low-carb lifestyle (I don't use the word diet). Weighing in every 3 days. Only down 1.5 lbs first 3 days but IT IS DOWN. Worked for me many years ago and I'm determined to ...
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started by geodobs.   
Here I go Again
:oops: Years ago I lost 30 pounds on the Low-Carb eating lifestyle. I hate to call it Atkins because people freak out! I have since...stopped running, aged over 50, gone through menopause, and ate ...
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New to group
Hi everyone, after my 27 year marriage ended I put on close to 50lbs. I'm done feeling sorry for myself and ready to take this weight off. I need help, I am in a leg cast for 5 more weeks. I've ...
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started by mxs84.   
Hi I am a new user of this app. I want to put in my own recipes , but can't see how I do this. I want to make a curry and use my own ingredients and save. Any one know how I do this please?
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started by sarahsteel, 11 months ago.   
Carb Nite
Is anybody else here doing Carb Nite I can partner up with? I'm in a second reorientation after vacationing in CA but have lost the vacation garbage so I'm back on track!
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started by JOYRDNG, a year ago.