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CLA + caratine
Ok trying lose weight but keep what muscle mass I may have:) Has anyone tried, and if so with good results,CLA + Caratine? Are there negatives people have heard of?
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started by skweeky, 5 months ago.   
CLA + caratine
Hi, I can't say I noticed any difference a few years back when used CLA.
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started by skweeky, 5 months ago.   
Hi I'm new to Fatsecret. I've been trying to lose weight in secret for 2 years now and finally realised that doesn't work cos when you cheat nobody knows but yourself, so |I'm now out ...
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started by Saxy Lady.   
Don't get bogged down by the scales
I was disappointed with my weight lose this week as it was only 0.6Kg, but someone actually asked me if I had lost weight so I must be looking better than I weigh! Just goes to show that you shouldn't ...
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started by Saxy Lady.   
Good morning, Fairly new to the site, brand new to this group. I started another group but feel you cant have to many people supporting you in this journey we call life. My name is Sue, I live in Ok ...
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started by Trainer_1_99.   
My time!!
I have lumbered along carrying over 20lbs of extra weight - a round ball of fat - despressed that I was a size 20-22 at 5'2". I was 84kg - and now way 78.3kg - it is my 4th week of being on ...
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started by AnnetteV17.   
New to the Group
55 years old. 50 - 70 pounds overweight. We will see how much more I want to lose as I go along. Never been really slim, or rather thought I wasn't. When I look at pictures of myself in my late 20s ...
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started by lexus1299.   
Newbie Here
Found this site and am excited to join. I've lost 60 pounds but regained 20+. When I get to around 201# - 203# I start to gain back. I have been yo-yoing for years between 203#-225#. Want to get below ...
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started by bzybee.   
Newbie Here.
Hi, I'm turning 60 years old this summer and I want to loose 35 lbs by July.
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started by JJENKINS57, 9 months ago.   
Put on 200g. Know exactly what I did
Well, for the first time in about two months I put on this week. Just 200g. I know what I did. I went to visit the olds and just went off track over Easter. I ate a little bit of chocolate. I had ...
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started by Jean Mc, 9 months ago.   
hey all
long time no see. i'm doing the 16-8 fasting and have lost about 26# since feb. it works for me.
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started by Dadsafrantic, 9 months ago.   
Turn 55 tomorrow - 26.6 pounds to go
Hi everyone, I turn the ol' 55 tomorrow. Everything is great in my life except for this 12kg I have to lose. Been on 5:2 since January and it's really working for me. Only had one two week ...
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started by Jean Mc, 9 months ago.   
New here
Hi everyone I'm hoping to drop 25-30 lbs by summer but my mini goal is to drop 15 by May 2nd. Basically I'm cutting calories and carbs and not giving into cravings. Here's hoping 🤞
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started by smythe89, 10 months ago.   
Goal of at least 20 pounds by August
Would like to lose at least 25 pounds maybe more. Was down to 15 pounds shy of my goal weight, but went back up to almost where I started. Guess depression is part of it as I am the only caregiver to ...
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started by Debra J.   
Having one of those days!
I'm at the point now where I have about 25 or 30 lbs. left until I think I'll feel pretty comfortable with myself. It just seems to get tougher. I thought it'd be easier, knowing I was g ...
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started by mcarol.   
Tried Garcinia Cambosia. Forskolin, African Mango, Raspberry Ketones / AKA Dr. Oz's miracle pill
New FLASH - THEY DID NOT WORK FOR ME. I am taking thyroid supplements (iodine/selenium/b12) they really have helped my energy. Other stuff I take that works for me: Niacin (non-flush) lower choles ...
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started by madelinehastings, 11 months ago.