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I'm new here
Hi! I have 50lbs to lose, and am 53 years old. Is there anyone still in this group?
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started by Dpex.   
Good Saturday to all. Garage clean up this AM. 6 mile hike on the Konza Prairie this afternoon (Bataan Death March as I call it) Weigh in tomorrow. See Ya
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started by FATTY MATTY57, 3 days ago.   
Got three miles in this am, cool weather, very nice. Ran/Jogged 2 and walked 1. At work and just broke my fast; 420cals, 35fat, 2carbs & 24pro. I actually forgot to weigh after work ...
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started by FATTY MATTY57, a week ago.   
Low Calorie - Protein Snack
I am looking for a low calorie, protein snack. What are you recommendations. I'm trying to avoid carbs. Thanks in advance.
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started by Ouibe, 2 months ago.   
Hi everyone. I just joined this group hoping to make some new friends and get some much needed support. I have 45lbs to lose and started the keto diet in January. I really like the diet as it gives ...
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Hello I'm new to group
I've just started officially tracking recording everything in hopes to improve what I am doing. I just got the app and so far love it, both my h and I need to work on our diet and lifestyle choices ...
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started by szy18415, 3 months ago.   
Making friends that are serious about losing weight.
:roll: hi I have to lose 50 pounds, and a little more, but reaching those 50 pounds loss would really change my life. I am starting Leslie Sansone walking dvds at least 4 times a week. I am also doing ...
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started by Damaris Berdut, 4 months ago.   
CLA + caratine
Ok trying lose weight but keep what muscle mass I may have:) Has anyone tried, and if so with good results,CLA + Caratine? Are there negatives people have heard of?
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started by skweeky.   
CLA + caratine
Hi, I can't say I noticed any difference a few years back when used CLA.
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Damn, This Site Rocks!
So. Been here off and on for 4 years., and without question, this ALWAYS works to lose weight. It’s just science. Anyone who says they’re creating a caoloric deficit but can’t lose weight, well, they’re ...
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started by Roblaw2b.   
Do you hate breakfast? - SO DO I!
As a kid in NZ, I always hated breakfast - even as an adult but made to feel guilty if I didn't eat. Now that I do intermittent Fasting - it makes so much more sense for my body, mind, and no more ...
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started by Vaele30, 6 months ago.   
Hi I'm new to Fatsecret. I've been trying to lose weight in secret for 2 years now and finally realised that doesn't work cos when you cheat nobody knows but yourself, so |I'm now out ...
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Don't get bogged down by the scales
I was disappointed with my weight lose this week as it was only 0.6Kg, but someone actually asked me if I had lost weight so I must be looking better than I weigh! Just goes to show that you shouldn't ...
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started by Saxy Lady.   
Good morning, Fairly new to the site, brand new to this group. I started another group but feel you cant have to many people supporting you in this journey we call life. My name is Sue, I live in Ok ...
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started by Trainer_1_99.   
My time!!
I have lumbered along carrying over 20lbs of extra weight - a round ball of fat - despressed that I was a size 20-22 at 5'2". I was 84kg - and now way 78.3kg - it is my 4th week of being on ...
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started by AnnetteV17.   
New to the Group
55 years old. 50 - 70 pounds overweight. We will see how much more I want to lose as I go along. Never been really slim, or rather thought I wasn't. When I look at pictures of myself in my late 20s ...
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started by lexus1299.