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Posted: 14 Sep 2013, 19:47
Hello, I joined FS about 1-1/2 or so months ago. I'm 51 and female and would like to lose 15-20 pounds. Sure is harder since I've hit all the hormonal nonsense going on as well! I use the site to help me pay attention to what I put in my mouth! I was surprised my RDI was 1600, especially since I'm only 5 feet, so I try to keep it about 1200. I walk a lot for exercise. Nice to have contact with others like me!
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Posted: 24 Sep 2013, 15:48
Here, here. im turning 51 in a couple of weeks and want to lose the same. All these changes are !?$&@!!! Hehe. Try Estroven, available over the counter at Walmart, Target, drug stores like Walgreens, RiteAid, etc. Walmart even sells their brand, works just as well. Homeopathic, but seems to help. I even found some at my 99 cent store (California) and bought 3 boxes. They tell me we are not done til Aunt Flo has been gone for 12 months!!!! Grrrrrr! Keep up the logging of your food. Ive gone a bit over 10-18 percent every day since I started 6 days ago but Ive lost 3 lbs so I must REALLY have been overdoing it. Im allowed 1700 at 5'10" so Im happy, and Im sure its all due to logging my intake! Well, we can do this, glad to have another FS friend on the journey!