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This is a place to share successes and set-backs. We can ask each other for help, offer encouragement and provide a friendly environment for others with similar goals.

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Hi I'm New and have between 50-80 pounds to lose
I have a similar amount to lose. I know that I didn't put this amount on slowly and so I can't expect to lose it slowly. We can do this. We can. One pound at a time.
by cjlewis66 on 19 Jan 18 07:39 AM
Starting over (again)
Ah yes, I totally understand. I only have one child but being pregnant is difficult and the weight just multiplies so quickly! I'm hoping to lose about 90 pounds. I only started a couple of days ago ...
by jeg910 on 11 Nov 16 07:58 PM
HI all
motivation is nothing but a habit, therefore it is always suggested that you start with the lowest efforts you can easily make, once it becomes your habit then it would be easy for you to increase the ...
by makayla davis on 09 Oct 16 12:47 PM
weight loss
well done Irish green, so far you have done great. so the harder phase of your journey is over, I would suggest you start using beyond weight management tea along with your efforts, it is simply a hyg ...
by makayla davis on 09 Oct 16 12:16 PM
Welcome! Stop here to introduce yourself and share your goal...
Hi - It looks like its been quiet in the Intro forum so I hope someone reads this. :) I'm 44, mom of 1 and work full time in disability services, specifically with people who have had traumatic brain ...
by Lucy1771 on 25 Mar 15 12:47 PM

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me at 265 lbs
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30 pounds gone!!
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before the weight lose
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