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Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 10:00
Nichole. I am 40 going on 41. I have a 4 year old son. I got pregnant at 36 and had him at 36. Didn't think I could get pregnant and I ended up doing. A blessing in my life. However, I made a promise to myself that I would do two things by the time he is 5. Stop smoking and loose weight. I have stopped smoking, and have been free of that for almost 2 years now. I feel great in that respect. However, I still need to loose the weight. And I have a year to do it in. At least start on my journey.

I remember my Mom being overweight when I was a kid and people making fun of her. And me being a kid having to defend her. I know now that there are more overweight people in this world then there was in the late 70's early 80's. I just don't want that for my son. And I don't want to spend his years sitting on the bench watching instead of playing. Then there is the fact that I want him to eat healthy from the start.

I just lack friends in the place we live. The people I am friendly with at work, work different hours then I or have their own things they do in their free time. I would love to find someone local who would love to go out walking. But not sure if that is going to happen.

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Posted: 28 Jan 2013, 17:28
Hi! I was in a similar situation. Moved from my family & friends, just had my husband, but he works all the time. Luckily I have a dog that I could take for walks, which got me started on exercising. Then before you know it, I was walking him, taking him home, then going back out for a walk on my own, then jogging on my own. I also bought some great Bollywood Dancing Exercise dvd's to do at home. Maybe you can take your son with you on walks, pull him in a wagon? I've seen other parents doing that in my neighborhood. Or if he's in daycare, exercise then. If you can afford it, join the YMCA or the local Parks & Rec (which I found was cheaper than the YMCA).
I found a great dietician that helped me figure out my dietary needs. I highly recommend you find one that makes you feel comfortable & works with you. I ended up losing 86 pounds in just over 10 months. It can be done! With the right support & self discipline, determination & motivation.

Good luck & best wishes!