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Posted: 18 Dec 2012, 12:10
I am 47 and need to lose 110 pounds. My hope for joining is that I will get motivated everyday by reading what everyone else goes through and their encouragement and will not want to give up. I know I'm not the only one who gives up hope from time to time and reading about others will certainly help me with my own ideas and will power as I hope that what I post may help others by getting ideas and understanding of what we all go through. We all know that with being overweight we are treated differently from others. Quite frankly, I'm tired of being the "funny fat girl" in the office. TIME TO REDUCE THE CABOOSE!!!

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Posted: 28 Dec 2012, 15:56
Congrats on the decision, it's half the battle. I started Ideal Protein mid-Jan 2012 and have lost 97.5lbs to date. I want to get to about 115 total. I finally feel like my life has been re-awakened as I have been overweight most of my life.