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Posted: 26 Apr 2012, 21:23
I've been on a doctor managed rapid weight loss program since January 4th & have lost 54 pounds so far. I see the numbers & my clothes hanging off of me. But when I look in the mirror, I still see the same round person I've always been. Refuse to buy new clothes, I think because I know I'll have to try them on & I'm afraid what of size I am now... like it's still going to be too big. And I cannot accept a compliment at all. I get embarrassed & starting spewing out negative comments about myself. My doctor & husband are very supportive about everything but, I am still so insecure. My doctor wants me to look in the mirror & find one thing I like about myself every day or at least once a week. And I can't!

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Posted: 27 Apr 2012, 12:41
You've come so very far and you really should be proud of yourself for it! Your husband and doctor are proud of you and they know how much of an achievement you've made because they've been with you through it.

Think of it this way, you'd never be that critical of a friend who'd achieved such a feat as you have so why are you being so unkind to yourself? By the way I'm learning this lesson in my life too. I bet you're a really nice person and very kind to other people and it's just a matter off adding yourself into the friend category. In order not to sabotage ourselves, it requires learning to get over the self criticism which is saying, "I'm not worthy I don't deserve to be happy or for good things to happen to me" to ourselves. When you start thinking critically of yourself remind yourself you don't do this to others so why are you doing it to yourself when you are worth of good things and have made huge changes to get where you are now and not punish yourself for what may still remain to be done. We are human not superhuman super heroes.
I am in awe of the accomplishment you've made! I think you're doing amazingly. I am learning to be happy with the weight I've lost and not focus on how much I still have to go. I am having to be happy with myself since the moment I give into the negativity and the 'but you still have to do >>>>> or you're still>>>>> then I'll be giving away my strength and resolve and I need those to finish my goal. Be kind to yourself and be proud of yourself. Other people certainly are after all.
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Posted: 27 Apr 2012, 18:20
Wow, thanks Boothacus. You're so right about being supportive of my friends so, why can't I support myself?? And it's crazy to think that I might have given that same advice to my friends about other situations in their lives.

And I do constantly think of how much more I have to lose to reach my goal. My doctor & husband threatened to take away the scale because I was weighing myself too much, watching the numbers. I've had to readjust my thinking on the weight loss as it is. I was losing weight so fast in the beginning but, it has slowed down to a more healthy pace. I'm just not satisfied with it, no matter how hard I try to accept it. I started working out more than before to boost my weight loss, until I sprained my back & couldn't work out (or barely move) for almost 2 weeks. Which prompted my doctor to tell me to relax & quit putting so much pressure on myself. Which is unbelievably harder to do. It took me 40 years to gain this weight, don't think my brain can get used to it not being there in 4 months, lol.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2012, 00:46
First of all I would like to say Congratulations on the weight lost. You are special and deserve God's best. You need to stop and look around where you've been and where you are now. You are a goal getter, You have inner strength, you are awesome, smart, and now is your time and season to shine. Don't worry yourself with the haters because they always thought that you would be fat but now this is your season. Shine my sister shine. When people tell you how good you look thank them and keep it moving. It is your time!!! Life is to short!!! Love yourself because God don't make junk. You are mighty in the earth wear it well!!!!

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Posted: 07 May 2012, 11:43
I came across a woman's board on pinterest that was a collection of positive messages for feeling good at any size and loving your curves. I loved it so much I started my own board. It helped me remember that I needed to love myself every step of the way, not just when I get to the final destination. I also learned that I needed to find a dress that is made that several of the ones I pinned on my board. They would look good on just about any body type. My board is titled sexy curves.
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Posted: 10 May 2012, 13:38
Thanks Ali! That's a good idea. I haven't started on pinterest yet, but my husband has. He, along with a bunch of my friends are on it & have been trying to get me to do it too. I'll definitely look for your board.