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New Member
I am a Scouter who is out of shape and need to lose about 65 pounds. I went off the wagon as far as my diet goes but started back up yesterday. I want to get in shape so I can keep up with our Troop ...
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started by scouter1220, 6 months ago.   
Starting Over Again....
I haven't been on this site in over a year and during that time I have been stress eating, bored eating and eating eating. I've gained 50 of the 90lbs I lost. I can't seem to get back into ...
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started by MsCharm, 6 months ago.   
Feeling better
Feeling really good about myself .....down over 40 pounds .ive never been able to achieve this goal until now .im determined to get down 100 pounds .its been hard yet rewarding to feel better all the way ...
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started by bigrich06, 6 months ago.   
What am I doing wrong?
I researched quite a bit on how many calories to take in to lose just 1/2 lb. to 1 lb. per week, because I want to be able to maintain that level of caloric intake for at least a year to lose the minimum ...
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started by KayeGirl.   
Does anyone on here take medication for illnesses , i am diabetic and have under active thyroid and pcos syndrome ,which apparently slows weight loss ,i have been doing slimming world for 6 weeks and in ...
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started by Glitzygoddess19.   
Trying again
Hello everyone .well I've finally got to the point in my life where life does matter to me .really looking for support .been down this road many times .this time has to count for me .feeling like its ...
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started by bigrich06.   
A new way of thinking....
Read my story, If your looking for emotional support you can use anyone of these sites to reach out to my team. ~JT🌍♻️...🐅🇺🇸 A1A ...
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started by Jeffreyangelo21, 7 months ago.   
Just wanted to say hello to the group
hi my name is Pamela and in July I had the gastric bypass surgery was really sick afterwards but after six months I have lost 125 pounds and am finally feeling better just wanted to talk with anyone that ...
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started by Pamela thomas.   
Frustrated on a plateau
I am feeling frustrated I haven't eaten a carb or sugar in months and now 2 weeks of no weight loss. I have been under my RDI but eating the right percentages F/P/C. I am not sure this diet is still ...
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started by Cambridge68, 8 months ago.   
a new start
I have today started my weight loss journey again any tipsnto keep motivated :?
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started by alir50.   
I'm a new member and just wanted to say hello! Happy to find a group with people in my age group that need to lost more than 5 pounds. I've struggled with my weight all my life and I'm ready ...
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started by dreamingangel, 8 months ago.   
GROUP INVITE -- The NEW Flexitarian (Whole Food 4 Life)
Flex-i-tar-i-an [] n. Somewhere between Paleo vs. Vegetarian and Atkins vs. Fat Free lies a balance...a continuum in time and space where real food is the recognized best and most ...
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started by LuC2, 8 months ago.   
want lo loss weight
i have trouble in eating and dont know how to stop from starving even if i make my self so full but after a while im hungry again,.could somebody help me what to do.
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started by mei valad-on.   
Good Start!!
I've lost 8.2lbs since monday just by watching what i eat..this isnt a diet.. it's a lifestyle change!
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started by darkmyble2010, 9 months ago.   
Second chance!
Hi folks.. I'm Mark aged 40 from Stoke On Trent. I used myfatsecret last year and did really well having lost 2 stone by March 2014. I have a broken ankle in 2 places which after 8 years still has ...
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started by darkmyble2010, 9 months ago.