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Returning to FS looking forold and new buddies!
Hi all, I was a member of this group nearly 5 years ago, made some great buddies and successfully lost 105lbs. However, since loosing a friend to the big C and quitting smoking I have gained back 10 ...
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started by Di Happy, 8 months ago.   
Lean Cusine
Hi everyone I am here to reach out for encouragement. I have done the Atkins and the Ideal Protein and each time I had success but at the cost of my bodily functions coming to a stop. I am wondering if ...
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started by JANA_NOEL.   
Building a Support Group
Hi everyone! I'm newly trying again! Ready to see the scales go down! Would love to friend some "buddies" to help me along the way. 8)
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started by RavenLi.   
Good Morning all!
The Over-40 food baby has finally taken over and its time to send that monster away for good! For the ladies out there....have you found anything in particular to help combat or undo the peri-menopausal ...
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started by MommaBear45, 10 months ago.   
Just wanted to say hi this morning. New to the group and also new to the sight. I've always done things on my tablet.
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started by Chelle Wertman, 11 months ago.   
Hi! I'm Michelle, & I share my home with Dublin, my ginger cat. I'm 45 & never-been-married. I'm quite happy, aside from my weight, which I've struggled with most of my life. I ...
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started by MichelleNRGIZED.   
Hello all
Hello all, I hope you're all having success with your diets. I want to lose 40 kgs and wondering if I am not too ambitious... I started dieting and exercising on 29 august this year and thinking ...
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started by zaza_gabor, 11 months ago.   
Starting over again as well :)
Hello to everyone in the group :)
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started by Jenny7, 11 months ago.   
Hiya folks!
I'm new here - just found this site yesterday. Ideally, I'd LOVE to drop about 70lbs. I have a question though. This site recommends that I eat 1900 calories a day. That seems a bit high to ...
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started by Hkb72.   
Starting Over (Again)
I saw the doctor for my annual checkup, knowing that I needed to lose weight. Found out I was borderline on being pre-diabetic. :shock: So now I face about 85 lbs to lose. I've lost sixty before, ...
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started by jmdavis5.   
I'll be 50 in mid October and I just decided I'd like to lose 50 by 50! I know that is a bit challenging, but I still see it as doable. I'm glad there is this group and I enjoy reading the ...
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started by LP 65, a year ago.   
Losing the 2nd 40 lbs
Since Feb I have lost about 45 lbs and now have another 40 lbs to loss. I hit a plateau for the last month or so but seem to be losing again now. Looking for tips how to keep the weigh loss going now. ...
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started by Cambridge68, a year ago.   
Hello, New here
hi everyone, My name is Tonja *wave*. I'ma bit of a geek and a nerd with lots of fandoms. I've a pretty decent sized family (2 dogs, 2 cats, hubby, brother (in spirit), sister in law and nephew) ...
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started by LadtArtemis, a year ago.   
Back on the road
Been down this road before, finally think I've gotten over a bump. I hope I can do it this time.
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started by mommulatte, a year ago.   
Another new member...
Well, I am 48, 289ish pounds, I was just diagnosed with the beginning stage of Diabetes, and here I am..trying to understand how I can still be this whole life I was fat, my mom is fat, my aunt, ...
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started by kellielegg.