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Just wanted to say hello to the group
hi my name is Pamela and in July I had the gastric bypass surgery was really sick afterwards but after six months I have lost 125 pounds and am finally feeling better just wanted to talk with anyone that ...
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started by Pamela thomas.   
Frustrated on a plateau
I am feeling frustrated I haven't eaten a carb or sugar in months and now 2 weeks of no weight loss. I have been under my RDI but eating the right percentages F/P/C. I am not sure this diet is still ...
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started by Cambridge68, 5 months ago.   
a new start
I have today started my weight loss journey again any tipsnto keep motivated :?
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started by alir50.   
I'm a new member and just wanted to say hello! Happy to find a group with people in my age group that need to lost more than 5 pounds. I've struggled with my weight all my life and I'm ready ...
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started by dreamingangel, 5 months ago.   
GROUP INVITE -- The NEW Flexitarian (Whole Food 4 Life)
Flex-i-tar-i-an [] n. Somewhere between Paleo vs. Vegetarian and Atkins vs. Fat Free lies a balance...a continuum in time and space where real food is the recognized best and most ...
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started by LuC2, 5 months ago.   
want lo loss weight
i have trouble in eating and dont know how to stop from starving even if i make my self so full but after a while im hungry again,.could somebody help me what to do.
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started by mei valad-on.   
Good Start!!
I've lost 8.2lbs since monday just by watching what i eat..this isnt a diet.. it's a lifestyle change!
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started by darkmyble2010, 6 months ago.   
Second chance!
Hi folks.. I'm Mark aged 40 from Stoke On Trent. I used myfatsecret last year and did really well having lost 2 stone by March 2014. I have a broken ankle in 2 places which after 8 years still has ...
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started by darkmyble2010, 6 months ago.   
new goal
Hi everyone, I have a new goal. Going to Yellowstone in June. I need to lose 60 lbs to ride horseback with my wife. Being able to do this would probably be the best thing I could give her. She is the best ...
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started by MacW.   
How is everyone doing in the new year??
I have had to have a re-start as after losing 8-9 stone I realised it was starting to come back on, I still needed to lose more anyway. So a new start after an all inclusive holiday and a lot of wine ...
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started by skippycat, 7 months ago.   
Newb here
Looking for a buddy or 2 or 3 :roll: Started the Atkins Induction on 1/1/2015 and on a roll :-) Trying to keep the momentum going and hoping to find a few kindred spirits in here.
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started by kimba80.   
Finding a Diet Buddy
Hello all - I am trying to utilize every resource on here to obtain a weight loss of 100 LBS. I've take a challenge and joined this group. I see that we can request a diet buddy. Are these individuals ...
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started by DawnL45208.   
Back in the swing...
HI all, I haven't really been on FS for a few years. In looking back on what was different when I dropped 50# in 2011, it was tracking my food and being a part of a supportive group such as this. ...
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started by lolosmom.   
Just joined
Hi everyone. I have lost 5kgs in about 10 weeks. I have done this by cutting out most sugar, I don't have any icecream, cake, desserts, sweets, cookies etc. I do have one sugar in my coffee, only one ...
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started by bronglen, 8 months ago.   
Starting over
Hello all havent been here for awhile been going through alot my sister lost her battle with cancer , I found out I need hip replacement on both hips , and my arthritis has been flared up with the cold ...
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started by Lori Cameron.