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Its got to work this time
I am a 46 year old mother of four. my kids are 28,26,23,7 . I have been a mom more than half my life. I have a lot of health issues as well that keep me from losing the weight I have gained over the years ...
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Fat granny working hard
Hello! I am 49...80# to lose. I have started walking 775-340-15049ers times per week. I feel better already but I am not losing anything yet (2 weeks now). Nice to find this app and group.
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To count celery or not to count celery, that is the question.
I have a friend who lost weight recently and has encouraged me to eat all the low carb veggies I want and not count the calories. Thoughts please?
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Just starting
Good morning everyone. I'm just starting Fatsecret today. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to make the best of this program? What about the buddy system? I don't know anyone on here. I ...
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Can anyone suggest a replacement to my pedometer/heartrate watch that just broke?
I have purchased 2 rather inexpensive smarthealth walking watches, but I have needed to replace them every year. The 2nd one broke about a month ago. I have been doing research online but with all the ...
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started by Verge2001, 4 months ago.   
Fed Up
Have you heard about the upcoming movie by Katie Couric? "Fed Up" It is an activist documentary and targets sugar as being a threat to children, a threat to the future prosperity of the co ...
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I finally have found the motivation to loose weight even though I have left it a bit late since we are going in 2 weeks. I'm trying low carb low calorie until we go and plenty of exercise. I've ...
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new to the site
Good morning. I'm new,just started yesterday. I'm looking for buddies to help keep me motivated. I've never used a site like this before so I need lots of help. Hoping to reach my goals by ...
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weigh ins
Hello everyone. Third day with this program. My first question: weigh ins. How often should I weigh myself? Everyday? Biweekly? Or once a week on same day? Thanks for the help.
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Hi everyone!
Newbie here.. overweight with diabetes type 1, porphyria, chronic pancreatitis, and lupus. Need encouragement to feel better. and here for others.
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started by RoeCampy, 5 months ago.   
Do you intermittent Fast?
In my 40's looking for others who intermittent fast. I fast every other day, and my fasting window is 36 hours. But your fast may be 16/8 or 5:2. Looking for buddies.
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started by Deborahg382, 6 months ago.   
Oh, Lord, I am up two pounds for no reason. Keep working out, and I admit I do not follow my diet strictly, but thought I would at least stay the same. I seem to have plateaued. Yuck.
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started by cwgscuba, 6 months ago.   
size 7?
does ne one know about how much u would weigh to be a size 7? im around 5'2" and small body frame, right now im 190lbs, I know YIKES!!!! :shock:
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New here and needing buddies
Hi everyone! I just joined 2 days ago and need some buddies if anyone is interested. Most of my friends are much younger than me and don't understand what it is like to over weight and the ones that ...
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started by Christina Maria Thompson, 7 months ago.   
new member
Hello everyone. I"m 43 and need to lose 60 pounds (according to my doctor.) I love good food, like pizza, fries, chicken wings etc. I have tried to lose weight many times before and have ...
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