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Finding a Diet Buddy
Hello all - I am trying to utilize every resource on here to obtain a weight loss of 100 LBS. I've take a challenge and joined this group. I see that we can request a diet buddy. Are these individuals ...
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started by DawnL45208.   
Back in the swing...
HI all, I haven't really been on FS for a few years. In looking back on what was different when I dropped 50# in 2011, it was tracking my food and being a part of a supportive group such as this. ...
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started by lolosmom.   
Just joined
Hi everyone. I have lost 5kgs in about 10 weeks. I have done this by cutting out most sugar, I don't have any icecream, cake, desserts, sweets, cookies etc. I do have one sugar in my coffee, only one ...
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started by bronglen, a week ago.   
Starting over
Hello all havent been here for awhile been going through alot my sister lost her battle with cancer , I found out I need hip replacement on both hips , and my arthritis has been flared up with the cold ...
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started by Lori Cameron.   
new to group
Hello all .I began trying to loose weight 16 weeks ago when my niece invited me to join her online weight loss group I began at 224 I am now 210 .I have having a real hard time with this I have a hard ...
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started by lisagale42.   
Checking in :)
Hey all you lovely young people - I found my old account and decided to let the past rest and get back on the wagon! Short story - need to loos some 60 lbs and will try to achieve this before July 1st ...
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started by Tatharia, 3 months ago.   
Diet change
Does anyone know how to change the diet that you originally started on. I cant seem to change that part anywhere. I am not dieting I am changing my eating habits.
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started by sramsey1967, 3 months ago.   
Fell off the wagon...and stumbled, then to get back to it
I was doing so well in 2012...then wifey told me "she wasn't happy". After another 9 months of the journey, we separated...the diet kinda fell by the wayside...went through a year of not ...
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started by madjak30, 3 months ago.   
New to Fatsecret
Hi! I am new to this and still trying to learn everything. I have had health issues and medications have and eating bad thing have contributed to my weight gain. I need to loose 100 lbs. I have been very ...
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started by Jennifer46.   
I have 50lbs that I want to lose. I quit smoking 5mo ago and have gained 20lbs in that time frame. I never had issues with my weight until 4 yrs ago. I'm guessing age, and metabolism is slowing ...
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started by AngiOlivares, 5 months ago.   
Determined and Working It....
Hey y'all I'm new to FatSecret; however, I'm determined to be successful. I've lost weight but hit a I changed my diet, join this website, and kick started my weight loss ...
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started by IthaCepeda, 5 months ago.   
new to the group
Hi everyone, I am 47 and over the last 5 years i have gained 6 stone all from emotional eating, last year i was doing well but then bad habits kicked in again and now i weigh more then ever. This year ...
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started by kaz1966.   
new to the group
I started my weight journey 21 June, a week ago. Lost 1.7 kilos. Daunting task to stay motivated. No choice now, my daughter getting married and want no extra kilos hanging around. Hope to get support ...
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started by zulux, 6 months ago.   
Hello everyone , I am also new to this. I am 55, and a cancer survior!!!!!!
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started by marilynarnold7.   
I'm a newbie!!!
Hi everyone, Just joined today & hope I can beat this plague. Stopped smoking in December & have put on weight every day since then. I just can't go on like this anymore. That's just ...
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started by Pixipi.