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I have 50lbs that I want to lose. I quit smoking 5mo ago and have gained 20lbs in that time frame. I never had issues with my weight until 4 yrs ago. I'm guessing age, and metabolism is slowing ...
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started by AngiOlivares, 6 days ago.   
Determined and Working It....
Hey y'all I'm new to FatSecret; however, I'm determined to be successful. I've lost weight but hit a I changed my diet, join this website, and kick started my weight loss ...
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started by IthaCepeda, a week ago.   
new to the group
Hi everyone, I am 47 and over the last 5 years i have gained 6 stone all from emotional eating, last year i was doing well but then bad habits kicked in again and now i weigh more then ever. This year ...
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started by kaz1966.   
new to the group
I started my weight journey 21 June, a week ago. Lost 1.7 kilos. Daunting task to stay motivated. No choice now, my daughter getting married and want no extra kilos hanging around. Hope to get support ...
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started by zulux, 2 months ago.   
Hello everyone , I am also new to this. I am 55, and a cancer survior!!!!!!
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started by marilynarnold7.   
I'm a newbie!!!
Hi everyone, Just joined today & hope I can beat this plague. Stopped smoking in December & have put on weight every day since then. I just can't go on like this anymore. That's just ...
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started by Pixipi.   
Newbie to the group, not to the weight loss journey :)
Hi everyone :) I'm a 41 year old, mom of 5 kids ages 21-2! I am here because I am striving to lose 92 lbs with the first 2 down. I lost 80 lbs. 3 years ago, and then had my son and gained back 40 ...
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started by karensue73, 2 months ago.   
New to the group
Hello all, I have just joined the group and am excited to start loosing. I have 76.50 lbs to loose, doctors orders!:shock:
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started by rustybrown66, 2 months ago.   
returned back to site and new to group
I everyone I'm back to this site. Left in October when life went crazy and gained all plus some. Now since beginning of the year I've lost 32 lbs and still got 78 to lose. I hate most veggies and ...
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started by ladygarnett, 2 months ago.   
starting to take control
well im 43 and my sugar is taking control of how i feel and its affecting me really bad...i'm so tired and dont have the energy to do things with my kids or family...i figured today was a good day ...
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started by tlove693, 3 months ago.   
Too young to feel this old!!
I'm 44 and have 80 pounds to loose. I have 5 kids, the oldest 23 the youngest 18 MONTHS!! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time! My feet ache always, my lower back screams when ...
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started by C-Lo-Skinny, 3 months ago.   
Its got to work this time
I am a 46 year old mother of four. my kids are 28,26,23,7 . I have been a mom more than half my life. I have a lot of health issues as well that keep me from losing the weight I have gained over the years ...
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started by uniwife.   
Fat granny working hard
Hello! I am 49...80# to lose. I have started walking 775-340-15049ers times per week. I feel better already but I am not losing anything yet (2 weeks now). Nice to find this app and group.
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started by horsnrnd.   
To count celery or not to count celery, that is the question.
I have a friend who lost weight recently and has encouraged me to eat all the low carb veggies I want and not count the calories. Thoughts please?
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started by Verge2001.   
Just starting
Good morning everyone. I'm just starting Fatsecret today. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to make the best of this program? What about the buddy system? I don't know anyone on here. I ...
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started by Tami Frederick.