Group Forum: Kim: age 45: ten years in and still learning

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Posted: 03 Apr 2012, 10:29
I am posting in hopes of inspiring people that it can be done. I am happy to help where I can.

My very first and most important advice is to take all measurements. Just weight tell nothing of your story. If you don't take all measurements, you will lose information that can be important for you later when you begin really refining. Really refining will come later if you stick with it. (And you can do it!) My notes below show how, ten years in, I do still watch and think about whether I am hitting my healthiest physical potential.

Here's my journey so far. Update photos not too necessary, though I am thinner from doing a month long cardio challenge (not in a good way imo).

Just refining again and working on gaining back the lost muscle when I gave up weights for cardio.

Funny thing, I gained fat during this cardio experiment and 1.5" on my hips. I've now lost two inches on my hips and two fat lbs along with one muscle pound.

So I know I need to up my weights to gain back some muscle. I would like to keep losing fat as my goal is to get down to 15bmi as my next experiment.