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A group for people in their 40's to support each other as we try and lose between 25-50 pounds. Through healthy eating and exercise lets encourage each other to achieve our goal weight.


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New to fatsecret!
Yey, I am Thomas, also on Keto, also tired of MFP. I am located in Berlin. 46 pounds to go. Wishing you good luck!
by Thomas_Berlin on 20 Jul 17 10:36 AM
ReBoot, Again.
:) Definitely - Same to you!
by mlakhatch on 16 May 17 10:14 AM
New Poster
You are like my husband who is 6'5" and about 360lbs. as well - he's trying to just lift weights now, but I think he should loose just a little bit more - like 280 - 300lbs. After his heart ...
by mlakhatch on 15 May 17 03:59 PM
drinking coca cola helps me lose weight
How exactly does this work??? Just curious - there is NO WAY I would drink that many sodas in one day, but I'm curious how it works for you?
by mlakhatch on 15 May 17 03:52 PM
Scared but determined :)
Hey Penguinesque! I feel your pain - I joined FS back in 2011, lost 24 lbs and kept it off for awhile, but I lost my focus and ended up 11 lbs heavier than where I started in 2011 (my new highest weight) ...
by Ninako on 26 Apr 17 12:57 PM

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to lose: 25-50lb
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created: 27 July 2008

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