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Newbie here!
Lost lots of weight in the past (went from 270 to 153), have regained about 27 lbs of it, and not happy about it at all. Time to get back in control! I hope this is an active and supportive group. I look ...
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I'm 45 years old and have always struggled to lose weight & keep it off. June 13 I hit my highest at 203.2. I lost 28 pounds since then using Yoli. I have 45 more to go to get to my goal weight ...
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weight loss
It sure is difficult to lose weight since I hit my midforties! just a few years ago I could lose 2 to 3 lbs. a week. Now it's more like 1 lb. a week. My husband has no problem taking it off even t ...
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Week One
Hi Everyone! Just getting started on a serious, doctor suprervised weight loss program. I am one week into it and so far so good. I have 45lbs. to lose and don't weigh in until next friday. Fingers ...
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Considering the Ideal protein diet
I'm thinking about trying the Ideal Protein diet but have heard some pretty intense horror stories about how difficult the first four days are to get through. I'm interested to find out if ...
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4 Weeks and 40lbs to go.
;) I am four weeks into my journey to a healthier 40's. I want lose all the weight I gained during my 30's. I am down 13 lbs and I feel like I hit a brick wall. Looking for 40 something support ...
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28.6 pounds to go
My target is 180 pounds waist size 34 inches I haven't been that slim since my 20's and I'm 49. I am really looking forward to fatsecret helping me achieve my "reasonably ambitious" ...
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A group right up my alley!
Hello. I have had a 20 pound weight gain in the last 3 years after 3 small but needed surgeries! Then add the 6 pounds I gained in my 30's and POW I have topped my scale at the highest I have ...
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Weigh In Tomorrow
Well, two weeks almost down. I have purposely not gotten on the home scale. I have a weigh-in at the doctor tomorrow and we will go over my blood work too. Hope I have lost a little at least. I have r ...
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started by DKeys67, 3 years ago.   
Vegetables and Carbs
Induction Phase: I know that each day 12 to 15g of carbs (of our 20 aloud) should come from veggies. Does anyone know if it's ok to include V8 juice as a part of that carb count?
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Getting started again for the last time!
It's time to get into the new swing of things. You know, to really make the decision to make my life important to me. I care about the needs of my family and that's awesome. Now I need to care ...
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Loosing weight tips
Sure is harder as you get older to loose those extra few pounds. It seems that if I eat lot's of greens my body gets the energy it needs and helps me loose the ununted pounds. Anyone have any tips ...
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Reality Check
Hi Everyone, I'm new here. Just heard from the doctor that I need to trim down or get used to giving myself insulin shots. So this is the first time I really will follow a diet. Before I did my own ...
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A journey
So I've finally decided to be serious about loosing weight--- I call this "my journey". Reaching the 200lb mark really opened my eyes, despite getting all healthy reports from my Dr. I am ...
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I am down to 153.6 , Working my way out the 150's
Happy Monday All, I got myself down from 157 to 153.6..Working to get out of the 150's :) :) :) :) :) :) Pam
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