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New to Fatsecret
Just joined lat week, and started The Atkins program on 2-18-13. I'm over 42, mother of 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren + 1 on the way. I have found it rather difficult to loose weight. Tried ...
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started by Janiceschwab, 2 years ago.   
New to the group
Hey guys, just joined today. I am here to drop the weight, inches and lower my cholesterol. My triglycerides are totally out of whack. trying to change my way of eating and get some exercise. I have ...
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started by wings24, 2 years ago.   
48 years old and 40 lbs to lose.
I am just so happy I have FINALLY made the choice to lose 40 lbs. I have started 2 weeks ago and have lost 9 lbs of that yucky extra on my body. Here i go, a bikini again before I am 50....It's a ...
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started by sanbear1964.   
New soon to be improved
Hello!? I just joined FS last week and have been figuring out all of the great tools! I like the support I have seen on these posts. I joined because I've been doing too much talking about getting ...
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started by Auerphatty, 2 years ago.   
In it to get rid of it
Hi All, I just joined FS a week ago and I am loving what I see. I have 2 children and when the youngest turned four last month I decided that it's time to get the baby weight off. I gained 100 lbs ...
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started by missiontoloss, 2 years ago.   
Coming back
Hi All - I tried this a year ago and had and EPIC fail. Had my spine fused in August 2012, started a physical therapy program and have tried to continue with it to keep limber. I'm 47, will be 48 ...
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started by TresBambinos.   
Hi my name is Susan and I just joined today, I have been trying to lose weight and get in better shape and health and I am wanting more energy. I decided that it's time to do it but I need a support ...
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started by smetz.   
Hello Everyone
I am new to this website and I am excited. I am 41 and I want to lose weight. It is a struggle as I love food. I encourage any kind of help on this journey. Thanks.
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started by TRINAK1.   
Hi there, my name is Rivkah and I'm from Brooklyn, NY. I am 42 years old and I feel pretty healthy but I really need to lose weight. I like to exercise but I need to do something much more and get ...
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started by birdmadgirl.   
40 and fabulous... to get my body to catch up with my mind... I'm new to FS and I'm loving what I see so far. I refuse, REFUSE, to see 41 with the weight I am now. Happy w/ my progress thus far but really ...
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started by adupre, 2 years ago.   
low carlorie sites
Does anyone here know of any low calorie websites that have recipes on them to help out! :)
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started by fortuneladi.   
Hi Mims, I am Yolanda and I too am new. Hopefully we can motivate each other to eat right.
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started by womaninred, 2 years ago.   
Lbs vs Kilos
I found since I have been taking care of my mom that when I switch to thinking about Kilos it makes it easier for me. Just like we think of loosing a pound at a time, you can loose a kilo at a time. ...
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started by womaninred, 2 years ago.   
Thought I'd say Hi, I'm new.
Hello everyone my name is Mims, this is my first time on a chat forum and I need some encouragement to get back on my diet and stay on it until I reach my goal. I live in East London and hope to make new ...
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started by Midnight5tar, 2 years ago.   
Do you eat all your RDI every day?
Hi all, I just started on this adventure in losing weight 4 days ago. I am finding that I am only eating around 70-75% of my RDI. I am weighing and tracking everything I am eating and drinking. Is ...
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started by 200goal.