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Today is my last "first day" of starting the process of losing 50 lbs
I hope to find and give a lot of support in this group of 40 somethings with 25-50 lbs to lose like myself. I am looking forward to feeling and looking better than I have in the last 10 years.:d ...I ...
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started by jlwalton, a year ago.   
New to Group!
I'm excited about having a group of people in my age group who have the same goals of wanting to lose over 25 lbs. I'm looking forward to reading the Forum daily.
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started by legacy7625, a year ago.   
Hi all. I joined yesterday. I've never tried to diet with others offering support so this is new for me. So far I've been keeping a log of what I 'actually' eat so that I become more ...
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started by Cartyalaine, a year ago.   
Thankyou everyone for your help :) ! Finally broke the plateau and am in the 80s,yay.I did cut my calories and no more chocolates pretzels :(
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started by knip33, a year ago.   
New to group.
I just joined FatSecret a week ago. Not sure how I stumbled upon it but very glad I did. I have two kids (9 and 12) and I want to lost 30 pounds, but more than that I want to be healthy. Looking forward ...
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started by JJRW.   
Turning the big 50 this year - hi I'm Kelly
Who else out there has this looming, I know for some its just a number but for me it's a signal that "oh, I'll start tomorrow is here-NOW" So I have 41 lbs. to lose, not on a particular ...
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started by Princess_kelly.   
Overweight, 40+ with newborn & 2 yo.
Hi, my name is Steve. I am about 90 lbs overweight. I have a newborn & a two year old. In the last year I went from an active job to sitting behind a desk. Also I have quit smoking within the ...
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started by buzzskill, a year ago.   
Just joined
Hi everyone - my name is Julie and I'm 41. Need to lose around 50 lbs and need some encouragement. I've lost weight before (Phentermine) kept it off for a few years, then crashed and burned and ...
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started by julieanne71, a year ago.   
Newbie alert!
Hello all. I am a 41 years young Mum and am doing a sponsored slim for Cancer Research. Look forward to giving and receiving support. :d
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started by Mombie72, a year ago.   
just joined
Hi my names Janette Am not quite in the 40's - am 53 but this is the closest group to my age that I could find! Am looking to lose about 20kg so be greatful for any tips experiences etc Thanks
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started by jazziwoz, a year ago.   
just joined..
just joined yesterday so thought I would say hi..:)
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started by fitchick68.   
South Africa
Hi, is there any SA members? Would just like to know, I have 18 kg`s to loose, and it is the beginning of the cold winter now here by us........would love to get some people to chat to and for support, ...
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started by Noenie45, a year ago.   
I have 62 pound to lose and would love any advice and help anyone can give me, im 44 i have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in my knees so the extra weight is killing me. Thank you.:roll:
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started by lynny333, a year ago.   
Get Back on Track
Hi to everyone in the group, just joined and looking forward to a Summer of getting back on track. I lost about 3 stone in weight last Summer training for some half marathons for charity. First time Ive ...
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started by Whatoo, a year ago.   
I lost nearly 100 pounds and then my doctor put me on Provera. Does anyone have any experience with this drug? I gained nearly a pound a day :( I am having a tough time losing it too. My emotions, ...
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started by Verge2001, a year ago.