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On a mission!
Started Monday on my Atkins Low Carb and have done great all week!!! I will lose this last few pounds (about 30 to be exact) by summer!!!I'm now at 159 and want to be about 130.
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started by Nana-Gamaw, 3 years ago.   
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New Here on Fatsecret
Not sure if I am posting correctly. Hope to make new friends and receive and give support.
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started by jewellz2014.   
Just starting (Actually started on Dec 26, 2013) !
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started by CANTWEIGHT100, 3 years ago.   
just joined this site hoping to jump start my weight loss need to lose about 30 pounds boo
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started by jusal41, 3 years ago.   
new to the group
My challenge is my busy schedule with long hours during the school year. I eat breakfast on the go during the week, have lunch between 11:30 and 12 PM, and get home anywhere between 6 and 8 PM. My lunch ...
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started by Michelle1105, 3 years ago.   
new to the group
Hello, I am also a teacher with a long commute facing similar challenges.
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started by Michelle1105, 3 years ago.   
I am 40 years old and wanting to loose another15 pds, im trying to put together a routine with the combination of weights and cardio for the week . I do pilates and the cross trainer aswell attempting ...
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started by ariesgirl73, 3 years ago.   
Hello all!
I am new to this forum, I need help!! I have gained so much weight due to medical issues and have been battling weight issues for a number of years. Between the fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, ...
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started by detrajack.   
New To This Site & Forum
was soooooo happy to find a group for all of us FAB 40's. Looking forward to making some new buddies! :d
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started by georgianbaygirl.   
45, up about 15 lbs in 3 months and Perimenoupausal-Dieting Again
So, Im on day 4 of walking for 1 hr. I live in a very hilly neighborhood so its quite a workout. My rebounder just arrived and I have 2 lb weights to use with the DVD that came with it. Starting this ...
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started by bkristi.   
Hello all!
Hi. I need to lose about 29 lbs. I want to go to 100 lbs., because I am only 157 cm., and I felt that my college weight was the weight when I felt the best about myself and how I looked. It was also ...
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started by amor825, 3 years ago.   
What's wrong-
First and 2nd day of watching calories went well, until we went out to eat with friends for dinner and a few drinks. I ordered grilled walleye which sounded very healthy and they gave me fried walleye. ...
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started by Shelley 66.   
I'm new at this and have never stuck to any diet ever. I go a few days and do great but I rely on that dang scale and it doesn't move down fast enough, so I give up. I do not like to sweat at ...
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started by Shelley 66.   
Just starting
Hello All - I'm a newbie to the group. Just wanted to say hi. Tired of trying to lose this weight on my own. I am 41 and have 40 lbs to lose. I am trying to feel better, get stronger and take the ...
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started by Motivated0526.   
New to fatsecret and group
I HAVE to lose this extra weight. I am hoping counting calories is the way to go! DAY 1!
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started by Wadmalaw.