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Good Morning
I am new to the group, just joined the site today...hoping to loose some weight and get some more energy...I am so unmotivated...I want to be more active but I just cant seem to keep myself moving I a ...
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Baby fat
I just turned 40 in May and am trying to get rid of my baby fat from having my child four years ago. The fatter I get the more tired and lazier I get. It's a daily struggle for me. Any advice would ...
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Newbee since September 23rd
Hello all.... new to the group and hoping to not only get some good advice/ support but to also help others along the way. :) :) :) My problem is that - as everyone keeps saying , I really do not ...
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started by LilWil, 7 years ago.   
How do I resist the cookies that my dear hubby likes to bring home from the grocery store? He would even bring Blue Bell ice cream home to me. (as a treat) Cookie Monster !!:shock:
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reality check
Had to weigh at the DR. yesturday, what a surprise!!! Their scales say I'm 8lbs fatter than I thought I was. I'm reading Jackie Warners's new Book. Her plan is all about cutting out SUGAR ...
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Slim Quick
Has anyone heard of or used Slim Quick. I saw an advert about it in a mag and went on the website. I have been thinking for awhile now of using some form of "help" to lose weight, but do not ...
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Just Joined!
Hello All! - I just joined this group. I have been trying to eat right now going on a month and I have lost 8 pounds! My secret is NO CANDY, NO COOKIES, NO CAKE or PIE...Bottom line - NO DESERT! It is ...
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hi i am vicky ,,i am 39 / 40 in september,,i am currently on the slimming world diet ,i started it in febuary at a weight of 17st 4lb,,i decided to do something about my weight after tearing my gastro ...
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Hello All
I am also new, I am wanting to cut the calories and burn this fat in my mid area which is so unattractive.
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Ready to Reset Life
I've been using Calorie Counter for about a year. I have slacked off for the last few months. I'm ready to reset my life, and this is my first step.
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started by MaryFParks.   
Not so New!
I've started and stopped a few times over the last few months and have finally got REAL! A fresh start with Atkins because thats what works best for ME! No SUGAR! I've been reading posts for about ...
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I need support.
Good morning all. I am trying fatsecret for the second time. The first time I was just using it on my blackberry but not committed to it. I decided to go to the website and have become addicted to ...
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I'm new here and I'm doing Atkins. I've lost about 12 pounds since I started on June 9, 2010. I have about 43 more pounds to go. I'm also losing inches and the food is great. I don ...
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So one of nmy challengs is no junk food. Eat only what you bring to work. In this instane I had to break it b/c I was meeting co-workers for lunch. You all would be so proud of me. I bypassed the fresh ...
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New Challenge
Crazy as it seems, I joined a new challenge while struggling with the 2 I have already joined. (what was I thinking? )This one is to do 25 sit-ups and push-ups 6 days a week. I got on the floor to see ...
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