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Need to lose 50#
I want to lose 50 pounds before I turn 50, end of this year!
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started by midwifebeth, 4 years ago.   
Hi everyone just joined FatSecret and this 40 something group. Just wanted to say hello and look forward to inspiration and encouragement. I hope to provide the same.
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started by intensity9, 4 years ago.   
33 to go!
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started by ladyfrogburst, 4 years ago.   
I am doing horribly
lose ..reward myself and gain it back... 45 years old with 40 to to lose. I am a late night eater...I do well all day..then eat all night.:(
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started by 21Jeff21.   
34 pounds to go!
This is a cool site. 42 and looking to lose 34 more. Already lost 41. The last 20-30 have been and up and down hill battle. The goal is to lose the last 34 by July 31st in time for our 20 wedding anni ...
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started by ladyfrogburst.   
Wanted to say hello
I am just joining today. I started atkins yesterday and i am anxious and excited to finally be taking this step. But i feel horrible today:) I am 41 and 168 lbs, i want to lose 38 lbs of it
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started by kkimparr.   
On my way to a lighter me!
I had promised my wife that I would weigh 250 by the time we got married. That was 14 years, 2 kids and several additional pounds ago. Now that my wife weighs less than when we got married I feel I owe ...
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started by RobShankman, 4 years ago.   
New Life Journies
Hi everyone!
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started by Algol, 4 years ago.   
Hi there, I'm new today
Hi everyone, glad to be around like minded people doing the battle of the "Why can't I seem to lose this like I could when I was 25?!":lol: Looking forward to connecting with some of you. ...
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started by bugaboobear.   
Clearing out all the fat clothes from my closet
Whenever I think of this day, I get giddy. I'm gonna take an afternoon off work that day, clean out the closet, bag up all the fat clothes, and drop them off at the thrift shop. Then I'm going ...
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started by annagail.   
Excercise every day
Do something. Try Gilad on cable tv. or those silly old Jane Fonda tapes, you know you still have them. If I know you are doing it, I will do it too! :? Kendell
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started by Kendell, 4 years ago.   
Howdy *waves*
I am a 40-something with about as much weight to lose. I'm a writer so I sit for a good portion of the day, but I've been using a workout DVD I bought just after Christmas and so far (along with ...
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started by Jannette.   
I can't use splenda for it upsets stomach/digestive tract but use the liquid sweet n low any body have idea what carbs come with this? Read that powdered form of sweet n low is one carb per pack due ...
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started by gailawilliams.   
How many calories
There is so much information out there regarding how many calories needed to lose weight and they are all different. I found one that said I needed 2200 kc/day and another that said 850 (but don't ...
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started by acbcmom.   
New to group
Hey there. I am a perpetual dieter. Lost 60 lbs on Medifast in 2008. It really, really worked well but was discusting and not a lifestyle change. Hurt my back and had surgery in 2009, said heck with it ...
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started by acbcmom, 4 years ago.