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Hello from Texas!
+++1 for the Android app! I am just starting out on the hCG/Simeon’s protocol with a goal of losing 30 lbs. Joining this group for some support. Been yoyo dieting for most of my life. I got lazy over ...
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started by Widedomain, 4 years ago.   
Hi everyone! I downloaded the app for my droid and then found the site. I've currently lost 32lbs and looking to lose another 35 to 40. :d
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started by smilingrdh.   
Just Joined today
HI all, I just joined the group today. I am 42 years old and struggling to lose weight, but I'm really determined to get back into shape- looking forward to being in touch with others and hearing ...
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started by abs42.   
Birthday month, new me
Hello everyone, This month I turn 46 and I am starting a new chapter, the new and improved thinner, healthier me!! My goal is 210 lbs. I have 50 lbs to lose and know I will make it with baby steps. Thanks ...
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started by Newmeat210.   
New to group
Hi all, I am new to Fatsecret but it sure looks like a helpful place. I also have the free Android application that I can use throughout the day. I lost 45lbs a few years back on Atkins and now have ...
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started by nvrenuf.   
Hello All I'm a newbie here
I just wanted to say hi My name is Eric I'm a 40 year old male and started a diet about 3 months ago I weighed in at 232 I now weigh 203. I have a goal of 165. So hi to all and best wishes to all ...
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started by georgeorwell, 4 years ago.   
New to this site!
Hi, I am new to this site and am starting tomorrow with the Slender Wonder Program. This is a daily calorie intake of 500 and a daily lipotropic injection to keep hunger at bay. I live in Johannesburg, ...
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started by Mireille, 4 years ago.   
Just want to say 'hi'
Hi there, just started Atkins today and joined this group. I'm a 44-year-old stay-at-home mom. Hoping to lose the muffin top that appeared after having a baby 5 years ago. I'm training for a ...
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started by Juniper.   
Kettle bell
Has anyone tried Kettle bell? It is fantastic 30 minute low impact, high burn exercise. I have a couple of bum knees and this lets me stay put with out jumping around. It will kick your butt and make ...
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started by Cmiansiti, 5 years ago.   
Looking forward to a healthier me!
I JUST turned 46 and have 41 lbs to lose...that is my current goal with a possible 10 more. I guess I am afraid I wouldn't be able to lose that extra 10. I have some physical problems that are li ...
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started by suziem.   
Mind if I join
I can't find any people in their 50's in this category. I'm a writer who lives in California and need to lose 35 pounds; want to lose 45... Doing the ole calorie counting plan.... I've ...
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started by 2010fitagain.   
I'm not too sure about 1bs but I have 20 kilos to go. This would sort my BMI out. I found this site fantastic so far because it appeals to my love of numbers. For the first time this week I was ...
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started by Epomegranate, 5 years ago.   
[b]Let's Make 40 Something Look GOOD! Never Been A Better Time Than Now![/b]
I know there are 40 something's out there making it happen! Good for you! Don't quit! Let's wear 40 something proudly. There has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW!
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started by TenderT1965.   
Hi there fellow 40's!
Hi everyone! I am 45, female and I need to lose at least 30 lbs. I am currently 186lbs and most of it is my stomache. Not only do I look pregnant, but, its a dangerous place to store fat. I have fibro ...
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started by sharrr.   
Today is the day i start anew
I have tried just about every fad diet there is and it will work for a short period of time them back to the chubby out of shape me. This time I am doing it right, I use to be thin, and very active and ...
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started by Luckotheirish.