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Hi, I just started using this web site earlier this week. I have been attempting to track my food intake on an excel work sheet, basically doing double the work as I was coming here to look up the foods ...
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started by tinam7678.   
Hi, I'm new
Hi, I'm new to this site and will be starting Atkins on Monday. Any encouragement what-so-ever will be appreciated!! If anyone has any tips, I welcome them also. Thank you.:p
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started by skwish.   
Hello Im new to this and I need some help on what im suppose to be doing...Im really interested in losing weight...Im cutting back on my calorie intake and getting on the treadmill at least 3 times a week ...
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started by msdetermined10, 6 years ago.   
Hi Im new - any elliptical workouts out there ?
was on a walking program then the treadmill broke, i was getting in good shape on it, walking incline with hand weights made a big difference with how fast I was burning fat. Now that the treadmill is ...
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started by lemonpi, 6 years ago.   
Just Joined!
This site was recommended to me by a co-worker...I'm turning 41 in October...Unfortunately I brought about 40 extra pounds into this new decade..Boy did it sneak up on me. I didn't realize how ...
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started by plinvermont.   
need support
Dieting is so hard for me! I was one of those lucky people that could eat whatever and whenever I wanted. Hard habit to break. When I turned 40 that all changed!
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started by bellev.   
:) New to this site. I started my life change in early june when my Dad passed away. I weighed in at 228. No named diet. Just eating when Im hungry and small amounts.Sticking mostly to tons of water , ...
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started by ScottLaRock, 6 years ago.   
Yes -- another newbie!
I am almost 42. I am married with 2 kids (age 16 and 11) and I want to improve my health and weight. I figure I need to lose 25-35lbs, and I found this site when I looked for a calorie tracker on my ...
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started by Adaram.   
25% Goal
I have lost 25% of my ultimate goal of 40lb. This was the hardest part, I think. I stalled a lot. My system didn't work right, and I didn't have enough muscle to get my metabolism going. Hop ...
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started by SuzanneJ, 6 years ago.   
Hi All, Anyone out there that is doing the Atkins :?: If so, I'd love to connect.
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started by LauPug1.   
Breast reduction
I'm curious if any of you have this surgery. I've battled back pain, shoulder and neck pain for going on 20 yrs now..with no explination from DR's. My goal is to get to the weight I want, ...
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started by MichelePulliam.   
New here
I'm 48 and have 2 kids, ages 5 and 6. I have Polycystic Ovaries and had a lot of trouble conceiving. In fact, I didn't get pregnant till I gave up trying and went on Atkins to lose weight and ...
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started by epnes, 6 years ago.   
Introducing myself...Hello!
My name is Pamela and I am mom to 2 boys, 5 and 8. I started my weight loss journey with about 80 to 90 lbs to lose. I am taking part in a weight loss competition at my gym. The 10 week program is up ...
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started by draug72.   
Hey 40's
I'm new to FatSecret and I'm looking to encourage and to be encouraged. Hope this is a good day for all.:d
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started by Angielink.   
Just a hello
Hello, I am new to this site and this group. It looked like a good fit. I am 47 with about 40 lbs to lose. I am doing a program called Inside out Weight loss. I see there is a group for it here but ...
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started by Wynamt.