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I'm new at this and have never stuck to any diet ever. I go a few days and do great but I rely on that dang scale and it doesn't move down fast enough, so I give up. I do not like to sweat at ...
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Just starting
Hello All - I'm a newbie to the group. Just wanted to say hi. Tired of trying to lose this weight on my own. I am 41 and have 40 lbs to lose. I am trying to feel better, get stronger and take the ...
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New to fatsecret and group
I HAVE to lose this extra weight. I am hoping counting calories is the way to go! DAY 1!
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Couldn't fine a group that needed to lose more then 50 and in there 40's. I hope its ok I joined this group. :) I joined the challenge 10 per month for 3 months and once I've finished that ...
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frustrated lost all my data for my weight loss
I tried to sync up to computer all my data and lost it :x
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I am 43 with a loving husband and 2 grown children. I have 2 red bone coon hounds and 2 baby bearded dragons.I am a Food Service Director for Taher.I have a large vegetable garden and preserve anything ...
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Weight loss
HiIam new.I just want to drop this weight.
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started by eugeniaekwesi, a year ago.   
hi, I'm new here!
I just joined and looking for new friends to support and for supposrt. I've lost 80 pounds so far and need another 35! excited;) and m;) otivated! Nice to meet you all
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Newbie here!
Lost lots of weight in the past (went from 270 to 153), have regained about 27 lbs of it, and not happy about it at all. Time to get back in control! I hope this is an active and supportive group. I look ...
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I'm 45 years old and have always struggled to lose weight & keep it off. June 13 I hit my highest at 203.2. I lost 28 pounds since then using Yoli. I have 45 more to go to get to my goal weight ...
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weight loss
It sure is difficult to lose weight since I hit my midforties! just a few years ago I could lose 2 to 3 lbs. a week. Now it's more like 1 lb. a week. My husband has no problem taking it off even t ...
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Week One
Hi Everyone! Just getting started on a serious, doctor suprervised weight loss program. I am one week into it and so far so good. I have 45lbs. to lose and don't weigh in until next friday. Fingers ...
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Considering the Ideal protein diet
I'm thinking about trying the Ideal Protein diet but have heard some pretty intense horror stories about how difficult the first four days are to get through. I'm interested to find out if ...
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4 Weeks and 40lbs to go.
;) I am four weeks into my journey to a healthier 40's. I want lose all the weight I gained during my 30's. I am down 13 lbs and I feel like I hit a brick wall. Looking for 40 something support ...
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28.6 pounds to go
My target is 180 pounds waist size 34 inches I haven't been that slim since my 20's and I'm 49. I am really looking forward to fatsecret helping me achieve my "reasonably ambitious" ...
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started by wwooddyy, a year ago.