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End of week #1
weighed in today lost 6.5 pounds last week! just 43.5 more to go :) Good luck everyone! We CAN do this!!!
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started by KimbieWashburn, a year ago.   
Hi everyone new to the group I start tomorrow need to get healthy ;)
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started by veronicalopez71, a year ago.   
Hi everyone
Good morning! Happy to be part of this group.I have 37 pounds to lose.Today is day 2.We can do it!! :d
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started by frenchbutterfly, a year ago.   
Ready to get BACK on the weight loss wagon
My name is Suzi, I'm 47 and ready to make 2015 an amazing year in many different aspects of my life ;) I weighed in this morning at 172 and would LOVE to get down to 140lbs by the start of summer ...
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started by the final 20, a year ago.   
Let's Do This!
I'm 46 and I'm over being unhealthy, feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and lack of energy. I've 'FINALLY' reach my limit and I want to change. My calories for the day are 1500 and ...
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started by Sheyper.   
Hi has anyone tried a low carb high protein diet? If so, did it work? Any ideas on a diet that works. I'm starting next Monday and can't seem to settle on what diet to use.
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started by Vampx.   
Weight loss journey
I'm starting a new weight loss journey with my girlfriend, with the goal of self motivation and to help others in any way we can. You might want to check out our website: www. pixelsinspace .pt / ...
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started by NFM18, a year ago.   
New To The Group
:) Hi. I'm new here. I'm 46 & I need to lose 40-50 lbs. This Thursday I'll be have my 1st of 12 ZERONA Laser Treatments. I'm really excited & hopeful that this will be just what ...
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started by CathyHennings, a year ago.   
Here I go again!!
hello...I'm new here and all I want to do is lose 30 pounds. That's it. Is that so much to ask for in my early 40's? :) I have increased my activity and am trying to stick to 1300 calories ...
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started by mom23lovlies.   
Getting Ready for 2015
I started the Jillian Michael 30 day Shred dvd today and then found the challenge on the fatsecret website today. I don't know the meal plan yet but I am going to do the workout daily from now till ...
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started by Transformation Butterfly, a year ago.   
Daily Calories
Hello..when I put in my information when I started on this website, it stated that I should eat about 1900 calories a day. I don't think that is right for me to be able to lose weight. I am 195 and ...
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started by mom23lovlies.   
weight lifting
We have an amazing home gym but I have no idea how to use it. My goal is to tone, I don't want to look like a body builder! lol any suggestions?
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started by Mom Augie, a year ago.   
Does anyone have experience taking nortriptyline? I was prescribed for pain but my weight loss has stopped since I started taking it.
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started by Jenne1234.   
Mediterranean on Kindle?
My neurologist has recommended the Mediterranean diet to me for some neuro issues as well as helping me get this last 25 lbs off. Is there a good book available for Kindle that has guides as to what to ...
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started by FieryMomOf2.   
Hot yoga....success stories??
ok, here we go....again. Started hot yoga yesterday....phew! I have never sweated that much in my life before, not even in the summer heat!! They say it rids you of toxins, but my concern is this: how ...
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started by sjkearns.