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Hi, New member here!
Hello everyone. Just thought I would send out a little blurb to introduce myself. My name is Teresa, I'm soon to be 48 yrs old, and though I have have been a member of fatsecret for a while now, ...
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started by TJSloan, 4 days ago.   
Hit my 50 pound loss milestone today
From June 2017 till today. Awesome journey. Still have 19 to go to hit my initial goal. Using modified version of information found in The Obesity Code by Jason Fung.
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started by mdh918, 4 months ago.   
a little about me
a little more about me... before I moved to Ohio, I was so active and I lost 100 lbs. by swimming laps in my community YMCA in Kailua, Hawaii. my routine was as followed: 6 am get kids up and ready for ...
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started by debra_ehu.   
10days & Lost 3.7KG....woohooo!
Great start to my weightloss program!! i'm more aware now on the food to eat ever since i started tracking on FatSecret! More to go.....Wooooohooooo!
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started by Wani_Mohan.   
dinner until bed is my problem
I seem to watch it pretty good until I get home for dinner, but I have not been tracking for a long while. Going to get back to logging what I eat and target 2000 cal/day. Should let me lose a pound ...
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started by FattyFattyFatFat, 6 months ago.   
Urban Pie Pizza
OMG. Just had a hard fight with temptation. Eating this Urban Pie pizza, which is actually pretty good for a frozen. Nutritionally however, not so much. 1/2 of it was 680 calories but I wanted to eat that ...
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started by ggreen67, 6 months ago.   
Hi Everyone!
I just joined. This is a great group. It is hard to lose weight once you hit your 40s. So I started at close to 200 lbs. I joined this site soon after. Today I registered at 183.6. This site has h ...
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started by swilliamson813, 7 months ago.   
Isagenix Buddy
Anyone into Isagenix Weightloss Programme?
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started by Wani_Mohan, 7 months ago.   
Hi all
I am new to the group and new to the ketogenic lifestyle also. I would love to ultimately drop 40-50 lbs, but I will reassess these figures as I continue. So for me 40-50 is not the end all be all. ...
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started by quiet1storm.   
Hi All, Im new to this group. Im from Singapore. 45years and mother of 3 trying to go back to pre-pregnancy weight so need to lose 10KG. Just started on Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing. 3days and lost ...
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started by Wani_Mohan, 7 months ago.   
Weight loss through HCG
found something so very interesting and i wud like to share this with u guyz.. started my weight loss journey with HCG diet, and its been 2 months now. it is showing best and effective results which i ...
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started by johnsmith9, 8 months ago.   
New to fatsecret!
Hello all, my name is Traci and I just joined fatsecret. I have been on the ketogenic diet (low carb/high fat) since January 29th and I have lost 31lbs with about 29 more to go. I feel great but got tired ...
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started by HealthIsLife.   
ReBoot, Again.
Hi, I have joined FS a long time ago, and actually was quite successful. Lost a total of 26 kilos(57 lbs). The thing is tho is that was round 3-4 years ago, and eventually thru about a 1 - 2 years, I ...
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started by bradleycwells.   
New Poster
Hi all, Ive been using fat secret since July 2015, since i got the shock of my life when i finally weighed myself after years of denial, i weighed in at 362.0 lb (i am 6'6" though) My small ...
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started by Cannockwolf.   
drinking coca cola helps me lose weight
i have 7 cans of coke a day and time them to perfection to enable weight loss.
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started by leighmann2016.