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New to fatsecret!
Hello all, my name is Traci and I just joined fatsecret. I have been on the ketogenic diet (low carb/high fat) since January 29th and I have lost 31lbs with about 29 more to go. I feel great but got tired ...
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started by HealthIsLife, a week ago.   
ReBoot, Again.
Hi, I have joined FS a long time ago, and actually was quite successful. Lost a total of 26 kilos(57 lbs). The thing is tho is that was round 3-4 years ago, and eventually thru about a 1 - 2 years, I ...
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New Poster
Hi all, Ive been using fat secret since July 2015, since i got the shock of my life when i finally weighed myself after years of denial, i weighed in at 362.0 lb (i am 6'6" though) My small ...
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drinking coca cola helps me lose weight
i have 7 cans of coke a day and time them to perfection to enable weight loss.
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Scared but determined :)
I started Fat Secret a few years ago, fell off the wagon and forgot all about it. But now I'm back and ready to conquer this weight once and for all! I've got 40 lbs to lose and I won't lie ...
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started by Penguinesque.   
Finding Myself Again By Unpealing the Layers
Hi guys, My name is Lynne, I am new to fat secret. I am here to rediscover the awesome woman inside who was lost for many years. Like so many mums, I put everything I had into raising my family, taking ...
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started by rusky9091.   
Recommended Calories
Is 1800 calories a day too high should I drop it to 1500 it just seems a lot.
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Introduction, maybe again.
Hi, I'm Michelle. I had bariatric surgery in 2009, and lost about 190 lbs over the years since then. Unfortunately, my "Sleeve gastrectomy" must be stretched. I can eat a normal sized meal ...
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started by blsgrl68.   
Lost weight but gained again :(
Hi, I am new to the group but old to fat secret website. I am a PhD student at the University of Manchester. I have a history of putting weight on and off. Sorry to say out loud, but I am extremist by ...
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started by Haleema Sadia.   
New Toy
I just bought a Fitbit Blaze today, so far it is great. To celebrate i went out for a 1hr 40 minute hike, covering over 10,000 steps and burring almost 1200 calories. so far so good. I had my lap-band ...
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started by Bobster72, 7 months ago.   
Consistency was always my biggest obstacle standing in my way from my goals. I knew I needed to do something...take action...I was fed up with not having control over my health/fitness. I see so many ...
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started by nickhauser.   
Starting a Weight Loss Team
Hi - new to the group but have been a member of this site for years. Just came back to fatsecret after being gone for 3+ years and also gaining back 30 lbs. Looking for 3 people to join my wife and I on ...
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started by wtrozzo.   
New to group
Hi I'm new to the group and I'm an emotional eater with weight issues. Due to current personal events I stop my dieting. Gaining 10 lbs I think this group will be the support I need to get to my ...
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well, well,'s monday!!!
New to the group but not new at all to the diet rituals.... 47 and 25 pound to loose. Hopefully I will keep on this time! I use to be able to loose weight but not anymore. Eating well seems to not ...
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started by blonde24, 10 months ago.   
Introducing myself
Hello!, I'm Walkiria from Dominican Republic. Thanks to this site, I managed to lose 45 pounds, some years ago. Due to a lot of personal issues for the last two years (economic and health), I ...
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started by walkiriaregalado, a year ago.