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Posted: 15 Jan 2013, 07:33
I wish it was more, but I shouldn't really expect it... I only had 8600 calorie deficit for the week. If I want to lose more, I need to eat less and work out more. It is simple math (until our bodies get involved...).

But even if I only lose 2 pounds a week, I will only be 46 pounds from my goal by this time next year.

DH, who hurt his knee so did very little this week and did not eat as good as I did, lost 4, so that is a little disheartening to me Sad

I hope we all have a wonderful week! I have dinner with some coworkers in from out of town tonight. This will be my first time eating out since going gluten free. Luckily we are going to a dinner club that is known for their steaks, so as long as they aren't marinated in gluten, I can have one!
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Posted: 15 Jan 2013, 17:21
WOO HOO! That's great Very Happy My hubby lost more then me this week too. Men seem to lose it so much faster then us. Great job to both of you! Keep up the good work.
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Posted: 17 Jan 2013, 08:34
Kildayan wrote:
Men seem to lose it so much faster then us.

Just a reminder my dear... you've lost more weight than I have since we started in November.

But congrats to Sheryl... and hubby. There have been several weeks so far that I would have loved to have lost 2 lbs.

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Posted: 24 Jan 2013, 15:12
1/2 pound or 3 pound loss is a loss. I know it is hard to think that it will take many months to lose but a very smart woman(Kildayan) said once "we didn't gain it over night." Congrats on the weight you did lose Sheryl!

We can do this if we take it day by day and step by step~