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Posted: 24 Jun 2013, 20:23
[b]Hi Guys:

Another newbie here to this support site. Really glad to find it. I'm Jessica, 47, Divorced (2x), no kids, just two fur babies (Rascal and Laci Sue, both cats). Many years ago, I did weight watchers quite successfully but after a year and a half of counting, I just got sick of it. Call it lack of will power, but I didn't want to hear the word "points" again. Great program, but for those of us with a LOT to lose, it DOES get old. Now I'm watching portions, eating high fiber, high protein, lots of green leafies and following the Food Lovers Life plan. Nothing to count, just watch my portions and make sure I optimize my metabolism by eating mini meals every three hours. Going well so far...even before starting this, I had gotten my head on straight and have been cutting down, eating out less and drinking more water. I know if will be the rest of my life, but I fight the Chinese food demons more than any others. Can I get an "egg egg roll roll" from the crowd?? LOL

Hope to find an email buddy to trade notes and encouragement with. I'm in Virginia.

Take care,
Jessica Very Happy

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Posted: 29 Jun 2013, 08:16
Congratulations, good to hear you are doing so well. I'll be on here, so look forward to getting it done as well.

Have a great weekend,

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Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 14:05
Congratulations and welcome to the group. After six months of entering all of my food here (to learn correct portion and diet lessons) I'm to the point that I rarely do that part any more. I want my diet to be one that I can live with for life (one reason for using the one I'm on... I get a cheat day each week for those cravings that won't go away.)