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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 16:35
Have you been paying attention to your body? Your mind? Your soul? Have you lost weight? Are you understanding why? Each day I get up and look in the mirror which I have never allowed myself to do before. I have noticed little changes that I have never seen and a little more of a confidence that I have never had before now. When my body starts to talk to me, instead of grabbing the twinkies, I listen to my body and make sure I am not eating because of boredom. I drink water, cold water and make sure I am hungry and not just thirsty. Did you know that sometimes when we get the feeling of hunger that sometimes it is our body stating it is in need of fluids? I am learning moderation. I usually eat until I am so full I feel sick. Now I really hear and listen to my body and mind and wait for it to tell me I am full. Eating slower, large glass of cold water before I eat and then again after I eat. That way if I feel full, it is a good amount of food and not an over abundance of food. I am journaling and putting my mind and soul on "paper" so to speak.

We can do this if we take it day by day and step by step~

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Posted: 09 Feb 2013, 08:01
Tina, great entry today Very Happy And great job! Sometimes I feel myself slipping out of "diet" mode and have to remind myself that this is for my life and I get right back into it again. This has never happened before so this makes me have tons of hope for this adventure. I haven't really noticed much in the mirror...I can't WAIT for my double chin to go away though! I keep watching for it but so far it hasn't happened Sad (like I can expect it overnight right? haha)
This weekend we both agreed, because it's our daughters wedding today that we would allow ourselves two "free" days (well one and 1/2 really) but we aren't going to OVER do it. We will do 1,000 calories over and that's it. It's good to plan it out before hand and then when the day gets here to get back to "normal" we won't have the guilt and were ok.
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