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Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 18:17
So I worked the 7am to 3pm shift today and shortly after I got there my boss called me and said "I'm buying McDonalds for everyone, what does everyone want?" Oh lord, can I avoid this again!? Well she brought in bags of everything you can think of, biscuits, burritos, etc... set them all up nice and pretty on the break room table for everyone and said, there ya go...enjoy! SO I had to walk back and forth past all that good stuff for an hour while everyone devoured it slowly. The remaining went into the fridge for anyone but me. I did it! Didn't take not one thing from that table Very Happy YAY ME! Weigh in is tomorrow and I tell you one thing, I WILL lose more then one pound this week Very Happy It's been three weeks in a row that I have had a 1 lb weight loss. I'm happy that I at least lost but I want more this week. Next week can be another one but this week...nope...gotta be more!~ And that is why I stuck to my guns this morning and ate what I brought today for my meals Very Happy
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Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 19:36
Good for you!!! It is not easy to say no but you did!! Congrats!! Just remember a one pound weight loss is a loss. You will do fine. Just be patient~

We can do this if we take it day by day and step by step~

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Posted: 26 Jan 2013, 08:51
You are exercising GREAT will power! I know it is hard, buy I have faith in you. And if you fall down, don't beat yourself up, just get right back going the way you want!

Since DH has been off work and so miserable, he hasn't even been trying to be healthy. Last night he brought home chocolate peanut butter hagen das for me, one of my favorites. But I told him to eat it while I have a 150 calorie pint of Artic Zero. Not the same, but I wasn't wanting ice cream when I was done!

He lost his fitbit couple of weeks ago and the new, one just arrived yesterday, so I'm hoping that will remotivate him which will help me stay on track.
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Posted: 26 Jan 2013, 10:05
I'm really proud of you honey! Exclamation

Something must be really different this time. You've had way more will power than any other time we've tried to lose weight.

I have a little surprise for you when you get home as a reward for how good you are sticking to your diet and for losing 30 lbs so far! Very Happy