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A group for people in their 40's to support each other as we try and lose over 100 pounds. Through healthy eating and exercise lets encourage each other to achieve our goal weight.


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Am I the only one that has illness AND weight issues?
Princess Love you really aren't the only one with health problems. I know it can feel like that at times. It has taken me a while to come to terms with my health problems that developed suddenly n ...
by stellalouise on 14 Aug 14 06:55 AM
I've never tried Pilates but anything that will get you moving will help. I say go for it!
by AngieBarnette on 13 Aug 14 10:13 AM
Lost 7lbs my first week!
I've been off track for awhile but now I've tried really hard and just lost 7lbs in a week! What I did was cut out all bad carbs like flour, potatoes & rice but had lots of protein instead. ...
by motivated me on 11 Aug 14 08:01 AM
Hi all
Has anyone got any suggestions to stop sugar cravings? Such as chocolate
by Snail2 on 21 Jul 14 04:47 PM
Hi I'm 43 and am working on losing 150+ lbs!
Forget what people think as much as you can. You are making a positive change in your health and you should be proud of that! Every day you do something toward your goal is a step in the right direction. ...
by notjune1 on 30 Jun 14 12:17 PM

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type: Common Interest
age range: 40-49
to lose: >100lb
category: Dieting
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created: 27 July 2008

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