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Hello I'm new to the group.
I just started back on Atkins 1 week ago at 307 and I weighed in at 299 this morning. I'm so happy that I'm finally back under 300. I have a long way to go but I accomplished my first goal.
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started by tweetycat.   
First month
Since August 3rd I've lost 13 lbs. That is decent progress but I would like to see better results. I am eating, on average, half of the calories FatSecret says I should (2800!!!!) per day. I am not ...
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started by DontWantToDie, 3 months ago.   
How to lose just 1 pound per week?
I researched quite a bit on how many calories to take in to lose just 1/2 lb. to 1 lb. per week, because I want to be able to maintain that level of caloric intake for at least a year to lose the minimum ...
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started by KayeGirl.   
Losing Belly Fat
I am confused and thought I would reach out to everyone. I have to lose my belly fat and I started on Weight Watchers DVD Belly Busters. My question is, if you are doing AB exercise does that really ...
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started by Dufresne, 6 months ago.   
Hit Plateau!
Hello guys, this is my first message but here goes, does anyone have any tip on breaking plateau? I started at 250 and one year later I am 167 after having the gastric sleeve done December 2014. I still ...
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Hi everyone new to the group but been on fat secret since 2011, yipes! So taking it more seriously and plus I'm 43 and have over 160lbs to get rid of augggh.
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GROUP INVITE -- The NEW Flexitarian (Whole Food 4 Life)
Flex-i-tar-i-an [] n. Somewhere between Paleo vs. Vegetarian and Atkins vs. Fat Free lies a balance...a continuum in time and space where real food is the recognized best and most ...
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started by LuC2.   
New here, first post!
hey, I just wanted to say hi! I'm 41, married for 21 years and have two great kids. I have 138 lbs still to go. I've lost about 10 lbs since I started in January. I'm really not focused on ...
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started by Majanika, 9 months ago.   
Newbie and Stalled
Hi everyone! I lost about 12 lbs the first week. Then, last week I maybe lost 1 lb. I found fatsecret yesterday and started using the program. I didn't work out yesterday, but only had 16.1 net carbs ...
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started by tscott9959.   
Hello Everyone, I am new to this group. Just looking for support. I have a long road ahead. Have a great day! :d
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started by lindehanes.   
almost at 50 lb mark
I started in August and now I'm only 7 pounds away from the 50 pounds lost mark...I am using the low carb plan
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started by cogicboy41, a year ago.   
Hi I'm 43 and am working on losing 150+ lbs!
Hi Everyone, I found this site about a month ago and started counting my calories. I'm surprised actually how easy it is...I thought it would be more complicated. Though, I think this site helps out ...
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started by Sarra1171.   
Possibly Premenopausal?
I'm new to organized weight-loss, and also new to some of the pre-meno symptoms I've been experiencing. Does anyone else feel like they are also in the beginning stages of going through the ch ...
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started by dressupdiet.   
I don't feel 100lbs overweight, but I am.
Isn't that odd? I've never really felt overweight until recently. I've had energy, was able to move easily, danced, swam, everything, but something happened when I went up two sizes after an ...
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started by dressupdiet, a year ago.   
44 and exiting the 300's
Hey guys im new here but wanted to give all my support to you all...Im 44 and have lost over 40 pounds so far on low carb plan...also started walking goal is 211 and im 381 as of two days ago ...
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started by cogicboy41.