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So... is there something cheesy we call breaking into the 200s around here? :d
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Keeping Efforts Quiet At Work
Has anyone faced scrutiny at work over their particular way of eating (WOE) in "social" situations with peers? Or, how about, trying to exercise (i.e. walk) and having people all up in your ...
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started by From371to184, a month ago.   
New Weight loss buddy.
I need to lose about 100 lbs. I know I can do this but need some support. Wanting to team up with someone to support each other. I need advice and help. Any takers?
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203 Pounds to lose
This is it. Embarking on a journey to reclaim my life, my happiness and my health. I have made enough excuses, looked at enough judgmental or disappointed faces. I have heard sniggles and giggles behind ...
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Greetings! I found this site today and am thrilled by the ease of use. It should be said right up front that I had weight loss surgery on May 23rd of this year. It was a vertical sleeve gastrectomy ( ...
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Glad To Find This Group
I hope I can positively affect my success (and others) within this group! I am on here daily, so feel free to ask me questions - as I'll probably ask my fair share (LOL)!
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Doing Dr. Poon Metabolic Diet
This is a life style change but loving the results. Since the 31st of December I have lost 35 pounds!!
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Looking for weight loss buddies
I'm soon to be 42 and looking to lost 150 lbs. I was at my goal weight (not skinny) but thin enough for me for 7 years. I have been overweight and struggled with my weight for most of my life. I am ...
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gastric bypass (sleeve)
Hello everyone!!Iam just wondering if anyone has gone through any type of gastric weight loss surgery. I've been thinking about doing the surgery as a helping tool?? I apologize if my message comes ...
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New and just started WW Canada
Hi anyone here on Weight Watchers new Smart points?
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New Kid on The Block
Hi everyone. I am Christina, aged 43 and am ready to release 130 lbs. I made up my mind in March to lose weight and today I weighed in 16 lbs lost since March 23. Glad I found this group!!
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I'm just learning how to navigate this website. Over the last few years I've lost down from the original weight of 460 lbs to 350.2 as of today. My next short-term goal is to go below 300 lbs. ...
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Newbie says hi
Hey all, Just started my journey today with motivation and organisation. Planned and shopped everything yesterday and weighed in this morning. Hubbie is doing this with me although not as strictly I ...
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Just checking in
Hi, I'm Trina. I'm pushing this "40's with 100+ lbs to Lose" thing a little, since I will be 50 in July. I guess I will join the "50's with 100+" then. Looking forward ...
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My people
Hi there friends. I'm feeling empowered and want someone to share it with. I feel like I'm finally on the right path to successfully lose weight and be healthy. Traci
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