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Hello Everyone, I am new to this group. Just looking for support. I have a long road ahead. Have a great day! :d
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started by lindehanes, 4 days ago.   
Newbie and Stalled
Hi everyone! I lost about 12 lbs the first week. Then, last week I maybe lost 1 lb. I found fatsecret yesterday and started using the program. I didn't work out yesterday, but only had 16.1 net carbs ...
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started by tscott9959, a week ago.   
almost at 50 lb mark
I started in August and now I'm only 7 pounds away from the 50 pounds lost mark...I am using the low carb plan
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started by cogicboy41, 2 months ago.   
Hi I'm 43 and am working on losing 150+ lbs!
Hi Everyone, I found this site about a month ago and started counting my calories. I'm surprised actually how easy it is...I thought it would be more complicated. Though, I think this site helps out ...
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started by Sarra1171.   
Possibly Premenopausal?
I'm new to organized weight-loss, and also new to some of the pre-meno symptoms I've been experiencing. Does anyone else feel like they are also in the beginning stages of going through the ch ...
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started by dressupdiet.   
I don't feel 100lbs overweight, but I am.
Isn't that odd? I've never really felt overweight until recently. I've had energy, was able to move easily, danced, swam, everything, but something happened when I went up two sizes after an ...
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started by dressupdiet, 3 months ago.   
44 and exiting the 300's
Hey guys im new here but wanted to give all my support to you all...Im 44 and have lost over 40 pounds so far on low carb plan...also started walking goal is 211 and im 381 as of two days ago ...
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started by cogicboy41.   
Exercise TV - Walking at home with Leslie Sansone
I am very sedentary and this 15-minute, one mile was low-impact but made me SWEAT! Highly recommend for anyboday needing a jumpstart from home. No yelling, just encouragement...Leslie Sansone's gr ...
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started by LuC2.   
Determined to lose 100:) :) :) :)
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started by Angiebee3, 4 months ago.   
Am I the only one that has illness AND weight issues?
Hi, Not trying to be a downer or anything, but is it only my reality that all this weight has caused really low energy, pain in knees and body in general or depression? Its really difficult to get m ...
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started by PrincessLove575.   
Has anyone had weight loss success with Pilates? I have severe foot pain when I walk so I'm looking for something that I can do at home that will help my weight loss efforts.
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started by Hennessey91912.   
Lost 7lbs my first week!
I've been off track for awhile but now I've tried really hard and just lost 7lbs in a week! What I did was cut out all bad carbs like flour, potatoes & rice but had lots of protein instead. ...
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started by motivated me, 5 months ago.   
Hi all
Is there anyone I can chat to living in Australia?
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started by Snail2.   
Facing this challenge ONE STEP at a time
I joined Fatsecret a while ago (I think in November last year) and have been encouraged by fellow members posts / yet too embarassed to share my highs and lows. I am not at the point where I'd want ...
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started by octbaby11.   
Hi all. I saw this group listed and thought I would join. I am 47 and have 120 lbs. left to lose. Today is the end of my first week on Atkins and I've lost 18 lbs. Just looking for some support and ...
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started by 01EscSW.