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confused and disheartend!!
hi I am new to group and looking for a bit of help!!! I am getting very disheartend im tracking all my foods and not going over 1200 calories a day, i get so excited when i jump on the scales and find ...
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started by lisalou66.   
Gout and Weight Loss
In January 2012 I weighed 260lbs and my sugar, triglicerides and uric acid were all over the place. This morning I weighed in at 232.6lbs but my uric acid has kicked up a touch of gout. My research i ...
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started by THouse711, 2 years ago.   
Getting back to it...
Have been gone for a while and I am getting back to the grindstone. Happy Friday!!! :d
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started by TX Sweet T.   
Yup New Chick Here!
Hello everyone, I am new here...I am about 1 month away from turning the Big 40!! so naturally I gravitated to the 30's with 10-25 lbs forum I thought about it for a min. and said heck I will join ...
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started by only1Tee.   
I getting ready to treat myself to a treadclimber to help with my weight loss goals - does anyone have one and how to they like it??
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started by ggirl63, 2 years ago.   
mother of twins - desk job - no time
Hi everyone! I'm getting upset with myself and want to get busy to lose a little weight - approx 18 pounds. My husband does Adkins, but I don't think that's for me. I need a diet that's ...
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started by scubagal88.   
I can't seem to get this inch in a half of my midsection- my calorie intake about 1800 to 2000 a day- I work out twice a week in teach jujitsu twice a week.
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started by Maverick 1013.   
Just started P90X and have lost
some inches. Its the diet that I am struggling with. But I have to say its a great workout. The first 2 weeks I could not even finish a workout. Started this after Christmas and really faithfully on ...
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started by karen0112.   
Here I am...Newbie and feeling daunted
Hello! I just found the app for my phone and I am both excited and overwhelmed. I am 46 and have had ups and downs since having kids. I have been at a good weight, but just in the last two months gained ...
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started by lebluehour, 2 years ago.   
Exercise...what are you doing?
Hubby and I have been doing the P90x classic workouts for past two weeks..going into 3rd..I've lost a few overall inches, but of course not where I WANT them to..obviously the hips, butt, legs area ...
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started by Bnc2007.   
re: p90x
I would like to vouch for p90x and insanity programs from beachbody. It helped me lose 25 lbs total while drastically improving my physique. Like another message earlier I also found myself in limbo once ...
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started by randallrandall, 2 years ago.   
New member - just wanted to introduce myself!
Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself quickly. 41 years old and a successful Atkins dieter since 34 when I lose about 20 pounds. At 39, I went back on Atkins (after gaining weight sick with ...
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started by phillygirl28.   
Carbs what is the daily amount for an active person?
I'm wondering what is the daily amount that is safe and that will help me lose? I am very active and seem to have a high carb intake. What is safe? What is the norm? Not sure...can anyone give me ...
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started by Zaza72, 2 years ago.   
I am new here. I have been using fitday for many years but found that they do offer an android friendly app. Glad to find this group!
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started by mas2wired.   
New and wondering
...about nuts. Just started them today and was curious if they affected anyone's weight loss negatively. A little worried, sticking to 1 oz portions. They tasted so good.
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started by Olivia70.