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14 Days of Metabolism-Boosting Menus-FREE COPY TO WHOEVER WANTS ONE
I have a copy scanned in of 14 days of Metabolism-Boosting menu Sample Menu's a coworker gave me scanned in-If anyone wants a copy email me at Right now I am doing my 1200 ...
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started by pwrestlephoto, 4 years ago.   
Hot Yoga
Has anyone had success with hot yoga and weight loss? I have attended a couple of classes and love the heat, however it is expensive so thought I would ask around.
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started by Reb5025.   
trying to lose 25lbs
At the age of 40 I had the sleeve surgery. I need to lose 25lbs to maintain health weight lose.
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started by ARKing39, 4 years ago.   
By tomorrow, I will have met my first goal and lost my first 10 lbs. 25 more to go!
As of this morning's weigh in, I have lost 9.9 lbs in the past 25 days. It was hard, and It required me to turn my life absolutely upside down. Until recently, I was always able to do the Quantum ...
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started by ssankofa, 4 years ago.   
weight loss stops
hey all - what do you all do when your weight loss stops? I know what I have done in the past doesnt work so I am interested in looking at what others do
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started by Jojo3068, 4 years ago.   
Other then fruit and veggies, can anyone recommend some mid-day snacks?
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started by donnanuge012.   
New diet
8) I have stayed on the nutrisystem diet but now because the food is not that great- I am on a metabolism boosting diet that is healthy and more suitable for me- have a great weekend! !!!!!
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started by pwrestlephoto, 4 years ago.   
Happy friday
:) good morning everyone one! Just joined group! I have a large frame which is good for me weight wise, I am 5'4, weight in at home at 160.3 today, just bought nutrisystem starter kit at Walmart for ...
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started by pwrestlephoto, 4 years ago.   
47soon and sick of this extra weight
My birthday is feb 15, I will be 47. The past few years I have been carrying around 15 extra pounds and I'm so very sick of it....I lose some and gain it back. Its like my body is stuck here!! It ...
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started by zumbachic.   
no smoking=20 pounds!!
Hi everybody, I'm ready to drop this fat off!! If smoking didn't kill methis weight will. I wish you all success:d :d
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started by fooli, 4 years ago.   
post chemo diet
I have been taking chemo treatments since Aug. 30th and just finished my last one Jan 2nd. I gained 15 lbs. from the steroids they had to give me. I am struggling to try to get this weight off now, ...
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started by Osland.   
40 plus and 40 plus overweight
I am also new to this group. I was diagnosed in June with Diabetes. I thought this would be the turning point but no! Now I am 44 pounds over my desired weigh. I really need support and encouragement ...
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started by Positivae.   
My favorite snack during the day is humus with veggies or on these gluten free crackers.....15 equals only 150 calories. ... and if I'm craving chocolate I grab one of the special k chocolate chip ...
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started by joycee1020, 4 years ago.   
I'm Hopefull!!
Hi All, I am a newbie and looking forward to a good year in 2014. I stopped smoking last year in Jan, my horse bucked me off and broke my lower back April 1 and in Nov my doctor tells me I have started ...
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started by Sharon Foust.   
3rd day
Hi everyone, this is my third day and I am really liking this app today 136.8 in the morning not that happy yet I will be pleased if it was 130 lbs but almost there. How is everyone doing?
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started by rmahi.