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something easy
ok over 40"s. just started a easy challenge group. 3x week work out. Jump on board let's do it together. Good luck all.
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started by Kathykitty.   
Good god! my body is acting like it is in it's 40!
Anyone realize how EASY it is to gain now? Dang, it just sneaks up on you. I shutter to think of not being as active as I normally am in the years to come and what will happen.
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started by twinnie2, 4 years ago.   
Hi everyone! I was wondering if there is anyone in the group who has fibromylga. Dieting has been a real challenge. A failure to be exact. If I am in pain or exhausted - I eat. Especially when my ...
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started by Blessed49.   
New to the group
I'm new to the group. I have had two surgeries in the past five months. The first was on my foot and about the time that I got approval to begin exercising again I had to have hip surgery. The hip ...
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started by Laurieb126.   
years of bad practice
I just discovered about two weeks ago that I have been on a viscous cycle.I have been starving myself (with out realizing it) and then eating normally again which has slowly but surely packed on the w ...
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started by calzphoto, 4 years ago.   
getting back on track
I fell off the wagaon in August. Not good.. but "only" gained three pounds so it could of been worse. I have been pretty good this past week. Weekend not so great. I guess its one day at ...
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started by crafter, 4 years ago.   
a good kick in the pants!!
i need motivation to get my fanny moving!! I'm loosing the weight slowly but steady and i know i could be loosing a bit more quickly if i would just start walking or something.. HELP! MOTIVATE ME ...
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started by moefrmmich, 4 years ago.   
40's and not fabulous
:d trying to lose weight but love the fried foods: who I'm I kidding, I love all foods..... but I just need to cut back and workout everyday... and I know I can do it: goal to lose 20pounds: ALL HELP ...
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started by 1notfat.   
Loving Husband
My latest blame for my lack of portion control and white food avoidance.(bread, potatoes ect) I love him to have dinner ready for me but breaking him of bad habits is not my strong point.
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started by Kathykitty.   
New member
Hello all, I'm 49 and want to lose 20 lbs by Halloween. About 3 years ago, I dropped about 20 lbs on the Body for Life program. In 2008 I lost my job and was out of work for 18 mos and gained about ...
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started by loyal49erfan.   
hi new member
hi im new to the site im 40 and looking to loose 25lbs so i have a long way to go , will be nice to have others to share my ups and downs with :d good luck everyone 8)
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started by nemmy, 4 years ago.   
New Member
Hello. I came across Calorie Counter via my Blackberry. The app looked interesting so I downloaded it. I really like it so far. Before, I was entering all of this information into a booklet - too much ...
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started by Debrae, 4 years ago.   
Just joined wanted to say Hello
I'm 44yrs old and started the gym about 3.5 wks ago. At first I was jogging 2miles 3 times a week now I'm running 2.5 miles 4-5 day a week on the treadmill on and incline of 2.5; the hardest thing ...
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started by iamomega.   
Moving groups. Under 10 now left to go. Good luck people.
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started by RegisteredUser, 4 years ago.   
New on Here
Hello everyone I am 40 yrs old and looking to losing at least 10lb. Once i put my mind to it I can stick to it. But if i cheat one day its hard to get back on track. So no free day for me to eat what i ...
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started by tenamh.