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turning 49
I am turning 49 in six weeks and I want to weigh what I did at 39! Ten pounds for that weight goal and I am celebrating by hiking in the Himalayas!
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started by pamthedoc, 3 years ago.   
Newbie here
Hello I am an almost 41 year old mother to 3 ages 15 12 and 10. I went on weight watchers a few years back and had very good success with them. I have no time now for the meetings and such so I am going ...
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started by Lisa_Lisa, 3 years ago.   
Newbie too!
:) Hi everyone. I am a 41 year old mom to 4 kids (13, 12, 9 and 9), weigh 156 lbs and my desired weight is 135 lbs. I am using slim fast and increasing my exercise. I am no good at complicated diets/meal ...
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started by less O me.   
Almond Milk
Wow, I use to love milk as a kid but as I got older I stayed aways from it unless used in cooking because my tummy would hurt. An urge came over me for cereal a good one of course Fiber Plus Cinnamon ...
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started by Deebra, 3 years ago.   
Hi all! :) I've decided to meet with my nutritionist to finally make sure the calorie intake I think I should be having is accurate based on my exercise level, etc. She was wonderful a few years ...
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started by jorrokslack, 3 years ago.   
Looking for cheap healthy recipes
Hi. I've been hunting for healthy recipes that are cheap,good and easy to make(few ingredients). I did look through the recipe section..but wow..I'm on a tight budget. Any ideas are appreciate. ...
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started by workNit.   
Needed to lose 15 lbs .....
I have gone to the library and and checked this book out ... I needed something to jump start my mindset if Im gonna do this. :o So far so good, the name of the book is " Make over your Metaboli ...
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started by Sunny266.   
Happy Friday!
What are you going to do to start the day off in a healthy direction? I'm going to go out and walk 2 miles. :)
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started by Arelen, 3 years ago.   
Hi all New member and need a bit of help what is the uk equivalent of a cup? eg cup of carrots is their a specific standard weight or volume?
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started by pebbles461.   
Newbie here.
Hi everyone, This sounds like the group for me. I am 48 years old. Since I quit smoking 3 months ago I gained some weight. I love the Atkins diet and been doing it for the last 9 years once a year and ...
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started by SusanRN, 3 years ago.   
Newbie here!
Hello Everyone! Looking forward to sharing and losing with you all. I have around 12-15lbs to lose. I recently lost 36lbs, now I need to finish the last few. :d
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started by deanplays, 3 years ago.   
Hello! I'm new too!
Hello all! It's nice to have a group of folks on here that are of the same age group. I am a stay at home mom about to start homeschooling my girls, ages 7 and 5 and I'm also training to run ...
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started by Heatherbaby, 3 years ago.   
Another Newbie to Group
I was so excited to find this group. The more people I have for support the more likely I will succeed.
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started by ALee1968.   
another newbie here!
I am 41, have a 5 y/o DD & have been struggling with weight issues since I was a young child. I became a lifetime member with WW when I was a senior in HS!I currently need & want to lose about ...
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started by ma2erin.   
Hello Group
Hi all, Just joined the group and wanted to wish you all good luck on your weight loss journey. 8)
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started by bisman70.