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New Challenge
After the Super Bowl I plan to focus exclusively on meeting my goals for the Biggest Loser contest I am in. Although I plan to be good until Sunday I do plan to have a blow up day for the one or two ...
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started by fredmugs, 7 years ago.   
Just starting out
yesterday was my first day. Can't wait to start losing weight. I turned 40 this past summer and seem to have put weight on and I am determined to lose it by this coming summer.
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started by Tana2354.   
New to Group - [b]Need a Buddy![/b]
Hi everyone! I am new also & happy to have found a group that seems to fit what I need. I have been using Fatsecret for a week now and have religously logged everything I have eaten - the good, the ...
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started by Tami_M.   
just joined
Hi all, I am so glad I found this site and a way to track what I am eating. I am trying to lose 20lb and it seems to wanna stay around. I found a new diet that claims to help with energy and metabolism ...
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started by jedsadie.   
I'm new to Fatsecret... anyone doing Weight Watchers too?
I recently rejoined Weight Watchers, but need all the help and motivation I can get.
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started by Betz128.   
problem with scale??
When I first weighed in two days ago the scale said 135 now it says 131. Not sure if it is accurate. I think I need a new scale or my body is very hormonal. Maybe a little of both!! Does anyone re ...
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started by mstakecharge.   
Just getting started
Hi everyone, I am new here and look forward to making some new friends. I want to lose 25lbs and I know I can do it but could also use some motivation along the way. A "How are you doing or keep up ...
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started by angel eyes.   
It's working!
using the calorie counter app and exercise--losing more than a pound a week...
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started by rryznar, 7 years ago.   
Another newbie
happy new year! my criteria seem to fit perfectly with that of this group so here i am! :) i want to lose 15 lbs. this year or at least get AND STAY healthy! 2010 i was sick with cold or flu at least 4 ...
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started by akfurler, 7 years ago.   
It does Work
I have modified the South beach a big, but the basic concept is good. I am trying to use low carb beer as my cocktail of choice...Geeez can't take all the fun out of it. So i know the first little ...
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started by deedyboss, 7 years ago.   
Just joined
I joined today and am very glad to be a part of this group. Hoping to get off some weight and get rid of a lot of belly fat!
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started by JGrooms, 7 years ago.   
Gotta A Goal
I hope I will meet my goal by my by my birthday:)
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started by deedyboss, 7 years ago.   
Cooking for one
Sounds like everyone is new. Just rejoined as I also joined a 'Biggest Loser' challenge in my town and want a tool to keep track of calories in and out. I've put on an inch each year for the ...
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started by browneyes100, 7 years ago.   
NEW To the Group
Hello Everyone, I am new to the group and have been struggling with my weight since I had children and they are now 24 and 26. Although I did get back down to a size six a few years ago. But alas, I ...
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started by SusieCJ.   
Just joined the group...
So, this is my first day back to work since being off 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year's holidays, and being away from the All-inclusive in Mexico. Day 2 of the diet. I thought joining a group ...
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started by SteveShrout, 7 years ago.