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Just joined today!
Hello, just joined today - decided to make some changes in my diet after a uncomfortable bout of acid reflux. I have given up coffee and most acidic foods for now and I am focusing on eating healthier ...
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started by sunnysideup.   
New to this group...hello to all! I don't have a scale anymore, so this is going strangely. I don't miss the scale, but I don't exactly know how I'm doing, other than that my cloths fit ...
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started by Sally of Toots and Sally.   
When you overeat, what do you do?
So today, for example, I went 200 calories over the food budget. Being me, I'll leave it like that. What do you do? Do you work out to make up for it, eat less tomorrow, or just let it ride?
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started by Go440.   
Hello (introduction)
Hello. I joined FS in Feb. (2011), and have been very successful in my weight loss (mainly calorie counting, using FS's RDI calculator). On Feb. 1, I weighed 195 lbs., and set a goal for myself of ...
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Best Fish
Does anyone know the type of fish that is low cholestrol and yet high protein?
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started by you-know-who.   
Exercise AFTER Hcg crash! i'm a quitter! Did 1successful round of HCG (500 calories...p2) successfully...lost 14 of the 15 lbs I was striving for! Was great! Then it was on2 the maintenance! Quickly gained ...
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started by sjc0316.   
Hi from Tolane
Starting the 8 glasses water method tomorrow.
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started by Tolane.   
freeze dried green beans
Did anyone ever hear about these? I think that's what I got from a farmers market type sale at a rest area...delicious, crunchy and salty, felt like I was eating chips, wondering if anyone has heard ...
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started by wantfitnessandhealth.   
what am I doing wrong ???
Hi there, I need some help ! I'm 45 years old with 25lbs to lose name the diet I've probably done it !! I've sort've been doing WW on my know counting my points mys ...
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started by JACKBILLY.   
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie :d I'm glad to have found this site and group. I'm trying to lose 20 pounds.
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started by PinkTurtle.   
Hi Everyone!
I am one of the new kids on the block. I have previewed this site and found it very motivating and interesting. I am looking forward to reaching my goal with all of your help. I hope I can be just enc ...
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started by Puntin.   
Do a google search using your name...I was horrified when I found fatsecret as my top 3 findings
Including all my data (weight, food journal etc...). With one simple link, there all my information was. Obviously I did not read the fine print well enough and did not block information somewhere...but ...
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started by JByera, 6 years ago.   
Wine drinking
Hey does anyone else enjoy their nightly glass of wine or 2? I know it adds a lot of calories, but I find it harder to give it up than most foods! Any ideas?
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started by cindy6820.   
Hi from a newbie
Hi there, I'm new to FS and this group. I am mostly in maintenance mode now and am only trying to lose about 7 pounds of stubborn fat, not necessarily weight. I'm hoping to find support and ...
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started by gunnsgirl91303.   
I'm having such a hard time just getting started. I know what I'm suppose to do as far as eating and working out, it's just staying motivated......Have any suggestions?
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started by Swtmochawalls.