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Calorie counting and exercise simply works every time.
Hi guys, I am new here, just wanted to share something with you. I decided to get in shape, getting rid off excessive fat and work those muscles to the point where they are visible, they are working hard ...
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started by Advokat100, 2 weeks ago.   
New to Group
Hello, I'm new to this Group. Looking forward to giving and receiving encouragement through this weight loss journey.
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started by meldurfee, 3 months ago.   
Does anyone have a tasty, high prot, low carb goulasch recipe?
I made goulasch the other day. It tasted fine but it was horrible. The meat was like big, dry cardboard-tasting pieces. I think i had to chew them 5 times before i could swallow. Send help.
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started by tealicious, 3 months ago.   
Why kilos are adding when over 40?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can explain why you add quickly kilos when over 40 and why it becomes harder and harder too loose them. Thanks
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started by Moosaround.   
Hi its Dec 2017
Hi if theres anyone left in this group. I have noticed all these other posts are from a long time ago. I am down to my last 15 to 20 lbs and just wanted to make a friend going through the same. Have a ...
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started by sunrise52269.   
New to Group
Hey Guys, Not sure if I am in this group or what I am doing. Can someone let me know if you can see this? Thanks
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started by Peanutbutter1, 7 months ago.   
Thirsty in the summer
Its hard to stick with any plan when you want to enjoy beverages in the summer. I can keep my eating in check but the drinks blow-up over the weekend. Perhaps I want the beverage more than the weigh ...
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started by midy.   
20 lbs. is the goal. Lifestyle is the problem. Summer + Beer + Buddies = Weight. Lol. But Committing to it. Will see how it goes. Goal is 200 lbs. Maybe 195. James
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started by klenk97.   
Yeah baby, calorie counting works
I've lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks. Fat secret calculated my daily goal to be 2600 kcal, but I felt not too hungry with about 2000 kcal so tried to stick with it. And having 1 hour daily bicycle commute ...
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started by fat_kostyan, a year ago.   
Want to lose 10 pounds but will be happy with 7
~40 something housewife~ I can't seem to keep the 10 pounds off. I like chocolate too much and I have issues with back and knees which interfere with exercise at times. Love Barre fitness! Looking ...
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started by Spring126.   
All the best!
Hey everyone, i am Alexander... nice to meet you! i hope everyone is positive and believe in his goals! Check out my profile and let be buddies ... ;)
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started by Alex0049, a year ago.   
Hi y'all. :) I'm just so happy to belong to a group with similar people. It gets harder to lose weight doesn't it? Why is my appetite still so out of control?
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started by Jazzed44, a year ago.   
Sugar addiction
First time I am ever posting and I'm not even going to go back and edit. I am just going to type. I am 40. I have 3 kids. I am married 16 years and love him. I can't control my eating with ...
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started by My Five Mittens.   
Hello! I'm April from Pennsylvania. I'm 44. I had Bariatric surgery (RNY bypass) 4 years ago and I was doing really good maintaining my loss. But then I had to stop working (long story) and I went ...
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started by AprilGirl1972.   
Clean Eating the UNHEALTHY Truth from a R.D.
Mind blown! I never thought of it this way! She rips apart Panera Bread's clean eating campaign. I must admit she makes a lot of sense. Shock
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started by floodjlc, 2 years ago.