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A group for people in their 40's to support each who want to maintain their current weight. We've all done so well to get to this point so lets encourage each other to keep up the good work and stay on track.


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2 years maintaining
I love fat secret... I was thinking about my weight and couldn't remember when I got it under control. Has it been a year, two years?? I just weighed in and pulled my data over the last 5 years!! ...
by shushu69 on 06 Dec 14 10:45 AM
Well, Look Who Just Turned 40!!!!
It's just a number, right? I certainly don't feel any older than I did a year ago, probably not any more mature (depending on who you ask) and, actually, I'm doing stuff now that I definitely ...
by LoadGod on 06 May 14 01:20 PM
How to approach this stage?
Hi Debbie, A quote that I live by is "if you bite it, write it." It keeps me "honest" and in control. Also enjoy little pleasures along the way, everything in moderation. Lastly, ...
by syh2222 on 18 Jan 14 04:49 PM
Stop loosing weight
Maintenance is the key. Perhaps put your focus on a different area of your maintenance plan. Now, look into toning for muscle support. You will find that muscle may weigh a bit more and your focus will ...
by syh2222 on 18 Jan 14 04:44 PM
The holidays were baaaad for me. Started overindulging with my October birthday and continued thru New Years. I'm back on track now (aside from a Super Bowl induced food fest!!) and just praying my ...
by kkfarley on 09 Feb 11 12:17 PM

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type: Common Interest
age range: 40-49
to lose: Maintain Weight
category: Dieting
members: 119
created: 27 July 2008

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Fit at 40!
by MarcieN1973
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my journey began 270 lbs
by reneejva
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my journey began 270 lbs
by reneejva
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by reneejva
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