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Posted: 04 Mar 2009, 07:35
hey group--i am 37 -- almost 40--can i please be part of your group...i am a fat smasher...for the third time now. first time i lost 63 pounds in about 5 months...gained 20 back and lost it in 5 gained all back due to my stupidity and have a total of 55 to lose. i'm 18 1/2 down now so i'm a 1/3 of the way there....36 1/2 more to go...and i need some support and recipe ideas from other fatsmashers....can i join you? can i? can i?

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Posted: 04 Mar 2009, 08:19
63 pounds is awesome, and 18? That's why I like Fat does work, and it does teach you how to eat right in the long run, but you do have to make it a lifestyle change. You can do that 36 pounds, and maybe more! Good luck!
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Posted: 04 Mar 2009, 08:40
thanks!!!! and the whole thing is...if i would just make my casseroles with fat free soup and fat free cheese, i could still have them...haha.

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Posted: 04 Mar 2009, 10:41
Wow!! 63 pounds! That is amazing. I know you can do it. This site has great recipes, and I think it is wonderful that it is even available to us. It's good to have support. We can DO it!!!

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Posted: 04 Mar 2009, 12:33
AWESOME to hear that the diet works . . . Thank you. I'm a first timer. My boss complained about the smell of my lunch today . . . fish and beans. HaHaHa !

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Posted: 28 Apr 2009, 08:39
that's great! Congrats on your past and current success! This is my first time trying Fat Smash. I don't like to "diet" but eat healthily, which is the only way I've been to lose before and Fat Smash seems like a roadmap to healthy eating. You are an inspiration to me!

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Posted: 19 May 2009, 11:31
I'm on my last day of phase 1 of fat smash and lost 6.4 pounds so far! I have been hitting several plateaus after losing my first 25 pounds. Fat smash helped me conquer that plateau and jumpstarted my weight loss again. I go to phase 2 tomorrow but all I'm adding in is lean chicken and fish. I hope I still continue to lose throughout all phases. Happy Smashing (FAT) that is!