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Posted: 04 Aug 2012, 11:12
I've been using FS since April but my diet started even before I found out about FS. My starting weight was 137 and my weight when I started using FS was around 129 (I think) today I am 120.6 - I'm 5'4". I'm at my goal weight but it's about maintaining and toning. This was the only group I saw the had folks in their 40s. I'm 44, married with one child. I'm always looking for motivation,support, recipes and fitness tips. I am currently doing P90X dvds (an unoffical round - I've completed 2 rounds and now just doing it to maintain) and running. I have always worked out and have been a runner for years but could never shed those last 10-15 lbs until I started counting calories. I fought counting calories for YEARS because I refuse to be a slave to it. Finally a girlfriend asked me to just try it. I was amazed the weight started dropping off! I am a believer that if you truly want to lose weight, counting calories is a HUGE part of getting the results! I am proof!

Anyway, enough rambling from me and if you know of a group that would be better suited for me, please feel free to direct me there. Like I said I just saw this was for people in their 40s so that is why I'm here!

Also, how does the Groups/Forum work?

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Posted: 16 Aug 2012, 08:45
Just jointed today. I have used for years, and done calorie counting manually. I woke up one day and I was in a size 12. I was blown away. I have a busy life style, we have 5 kids, my oldest daughter is now gone but I am raising her 2 children, so I now have 6 kids, 2 under the age of 2, so life is hectic. I got down to 124 but since the babies have come I have gained 15 pounds, with lack of consistent exercise and bad eating more junk. I know how to loose it, it takes patience, working out, eating right and consistency. i love my family and all the kids, but it is about making time for me, especially working out.