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Posted: 24 Dec 2012, 12:20
I have recently been dealing with a few stalemate weeks with my weight, and have finally seemed to break through a bit. I did it by changing up my routine a bit as far as when i do my cardio. I have been really adamant about looking at calories and fat content, however now more so than ever I have been very cautious about sodium content. Cutting sodium and well as increasing water intake and refining the carbs I do eat, have seemed to power me though the hump. Just thought I would share my thoughts in case anyone is struggling with the same situation. Good luck to you all and Merry Christmas.
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Posted: 28 Dec 2012, 08:13
IMO Plateaus are more about your body settling into a rut. So the best way to get through them is to shake it up.

Swap diets if you can or scrutinise everything like you did at the beginning.
Change-up your exercise programme.
Anything and everything you can change do it!!!

You'll soon power through your barrier.

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Posted: 01 Jan 2013, 23:01
This is essentially what i said. Your body is getting use to what you've been doing and adapting. By changing things up even the small things it keeps it working for it. But thanks for the comment.
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