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Posted: 28 Nov 2012, 10:07
How many calories are you eating a day? My doctor put me on Phentermine a couple of weeks ago and I'm just not hungry. I'm usually averaging between 800 and 1200 calories a day, depending on what I eat for supper. I burn between 2800 and 3100 calories a day, at least at the moment when I'm this heavy. I've lost about 20 pounds in the last few weeks. Is this okay? Has anyone had luck losing weight like this? My doctor doesn't want me to eat more than one serving of carbs a day and one serving of fruit a day. The rest he wants to be lean protein and vegetables. Between the restrictions and the Phentermine, I just can't physically eat any more than I already am. I lift weights, and do cardio every day. I'm trying to lose weight and get in shape fairly quickly because I'm 30 and I've had 3 miscarriages in the past year and a half, and gone through 3 failed fertility treatments. The fertility doctor I'm seeing won't do any more treatments until I get to at least 200lbs. Any advice would be awesome!

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Posted: 04 Dec 2012, 09:50
my only advice to you is to keep doing what you are doing and make sure that the calories that you do consume arehealthy and fullof nutrients! great job so far Smile

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Posted: 20 Jan 2013, 08:20
I have been taking Phentermine also. I started out on 15mg once a day then 2x a day. Take advantage of the not being hungry right now b/c eventaully your body gets used to the meds & your appetite comes back. I am now on 30 mg. I have only lost 25lbs since April. I am hoping that with the help of the groups & meds tht I can shed more a little faster. Good luckSmile

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Posted: 21 Jan 2013, 08:28
I too am taking Phentermine as well as Metformin and Topiramate. I was perscribed those medications from my endocrinologist. Do you have thyroid disease by any chance, BeckaM? My friend also had miscarriages and once they partially removed her thyroid, she got pregnant and has three beautiful children. If you haven't had your thyroid checked, by an endocrinologist, I suggest you go and have it checked out. My levels are normal yet I have hypthyroidism associated with PCOS. Has PCOS been ruled out for you??? Just wondering. Keep up the good work. I know what it's like when you are supposed to eat and you aren't hungry. The doctor "yells" at me for not eating but I don't do it on purpose.

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Posted: 28 Jan 2013, 10:18
As far as I know, I've had every test known to man on me in the last 2 years. I haven't gone to an endocrinologist (never heard of that?) but my family doctor has done a thyroid test, my OBGYN ran one, and pretty much every test she could. My fertility doctor has also done blood tests, as well as ultra-sound tests to make sure everything works right and is shaped good. Apparently I'm completely healthy and normal (other than being overweight) and no one can figure out what's the matter. They want me to lose some of the weight just so they can rule that out as a reason, even though fat people have babies all the time. I'm down to 222 lbs from 252 lbs. When I had my first miscarriage I was around 230 lbs. I'm hoping to get to at least 210 lbs before we try again, more if I can. I've just always had trouble keeping weight off no matter what I do...

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Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 17:46
The whole program sounds suspect to me, but I'm not a doctor and I've never been on Phentermine so I can't really comment on that. I don't think losing that quickly is healthy at all, personally. I eat around 2600 these days.
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