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Not tracking exercise?
I've decided that I would only track food and not exercise on FS. I'm wondering if anyone else has done that and how that's worked out for people.
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started by okinawanqt, 3 weeks ago.   
Long road ahead...
Hello everybody, I just joined and am on day 3 of trying to eat right and exercise. I'm 38 and 5' tall... hence losing 50 lbs of condensed fluff seems almost impossible. It takes a lot of ...
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started by Chiquitabanana76, 2 months ago.   
Hey everyone!! so discouraged and miserable being over-weight. I feel like I have tried EVERY diet out there. Any one having success with a program they would like to share:) Gook luck everyone!
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started by selena1977.   
New to fatsecret
Hello All, I am 31 and I am trying to loose at least 100 LBS. I know it is a mind set thing and I'm trying so hard but I really like food. Especially sweets!! I am taking SABA (ACE) products and ...
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started by tessaharvey.   
Quote for encouragement
As Winston Churchill said "NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER EVER GIVE UP"
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started by durbinblue, 2 months ago.   
new to the group :-)
i have to lose about 52 pounds and keep it off. that's the hard bit. all the best to us all!!
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started by naanyu, 3 months ago.   
I'm new too :)
Realized I needed to lose 75 lbs when my doctor told me I have lupus. The two aren't connected apparently but I want to live as long as possible. Quit smoking and started walking. I'm down 25lbs ...
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started by Shawna123.   
New to the group.
Hi Im new, have to lose 67lbs.
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started by velizabethwhite.   
New to the group...hi!
Just joined the group, have been lurking on fat secret for a few weeks now. Just wanted to say hi...have at least 50 lbs to lose...but trying to think of it in small increments so i dont get over-whelmed. ...
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started by LadySummerMoon, 4 months ago.   
Looking for buddies, so that we can encourage each other
Hi, not new to fatsecret, but am back after a long time. Looking for diet/weight loss support buddies to help me through this very hard journey. If you like, just send me a buddy request, we can help ...
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started by jeanie_waco, 4 months ago.   
New to group!!
Hi! I am new to the website and to this group. Hope to find buddies to help me lose 82lb (37kg).!!
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started by fromfattorunner.   
Good reference/site
Anyone have a good sight for recommended daily intake for fat, carbs, cal etc.
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started by vinnyv11.   
Daily Check in
Hey this site is just what I need for motivation. Lets try to get some check in posts going and some regular motivations. I am a work at home mom with two very active boys. Our family likes to do o ...
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started by robertamae.   
Want to Lose 2 to 5 Pounds per Week?
Do you want to lose 2 to 5 pounds per week? That would be 8 to 20 pounds per month. You can do it - Check out the easy, low-cost methods that can help you start losing more tomorrow at: http://www.p ...
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started by greg4God, 5 months ago.   
Birthday Around the Corner!
Well, I would have hoped to reach my goal a few times over since I first signed up on this site. Not much has changed since. I'll be 36 years old on the 28th of March and I'm not much healthier ...
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started by TryinginTexas.