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Suggested Challenges
If you join or create a challenge and think it can help the group post it here as a comment.:)
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started by Nitara.   
Suggested Challenges
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started by Nitara.   
New to Group, but not to LC
Hi all! So I'm back at it again. I've lost and gained the same weight 3 times now. Hopefully this 3rd time is a charm. Kinda a double whammy on the mood swings for me. I quit drinking 4 days ago ...
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started by Heather Kodex-Bunny Cirilo.   
hello, i'm from Malaysia, still work hard to lose weight..
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started by hakamkaya, 2 weeks ago.   
leveled up and am now in 30's!
So my birthday was in July and I turned 30! So I left the "20's" age group like this one and joined this one! ^_^ My reason for losing weight is to be a healthy roll model for my kids (ages ...
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started by ZellaSky0086, 4 months ago.   
Hi! I'm new here
I'm 39 and I have approximately 85 pounds to lose. I'm doing the Penn Jillette/Ray Cronise diet. So far I've lost 13.4 pounds in 14 days. I statted the diet a couple days before I started ...
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started by MisterLucas, 4 months ago.   
New to the group!
Hey Everyone,I'm a newbie here and just thought I'd give a quick intro to who I am and why I am here, eager to speak with other people on the same journey! I am a 38 year old woman, mother to a ...
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started by Jaymacrae.   
New to the group
Hey all! I read somewhere yesterday (on another website) that in order to lose weight one needed to cut out 3500 calories for every pound they wanted to drop.... Okay... sooooooooo what if you only eat ...
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started by Precious97.   
Are you Canadian?
I known this is the American domain and not the Canadian one. However I am Canadian. Maybe there are others as well. I am not sure. I have lamented for a couple of years now that we were not able to get ...
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started by auroragrimm.   
Graduation form the group
I'm leaving the "30's with 50-100 lbs to Lose" because I now only have 46 lb to go. I've found three things work: 1. Calorie counting - simply count how much you are putting into ...
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started by Rincewind42.   
Aged in...
Well I aged into this group a while back, but I refused to give up on being a 20-something at least on FS. I guess I should fess up to being in my 30s now. I am restarting my journey on FS after a break ...
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started by bella611.   
New Memeber
Which is better counting calories, fat, or sugar intake?
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started by reservation_4_6, 10 months ago.   
Hey everyone!! so discouraged and miserable being over-weight. I feel like I have tried EVERY diet out there. Any one having success with a program they would like to share:) Gook luck everyone!
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started by selena1977.   
Hi!!! I am new to this group, and I have got to get control of my weight problem. Not even sure where to start....calorie counting, low carbs, Weight Watchers,etc HELP!!!! Any suggestions are appre ...
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started by Nlc12578.   
Just joined
Hi, I'm Heather. I'm 32 years old from Virginia Beach, VA. I'm a mom to 2 girls, ages 11 and 12 (but only my 12 yr old lives with me). We have lived with my boyfriend since the beginning of ...
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started by hncotton, a year ago.   
Beginning again
I started at 185 & 5'9". After a long while with an alcohol problem and unhappiness I have grown to 270 lbs. I finally reached my breaking point and said I have had enough. I started ...
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started by Jackal187, a year ago.