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Graduation form the group
I'm leaving the "30's with 50-100 lbs to Lose" because I now only have 46 lb to go. I've found three things work: 1. Calorie counting - simply count how much you are putting into ...
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started by Rincewind42.   
Aged in...
Well I aged into this group a while back, but I refused to give up on being a 20-something at least on FS. I guess I should fess up to being in my 30s now. I am restarting my journey on FS after a break ...
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started by bella611.   
New Memeber
Which is better counting calories, fat, or sugar intake?
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started by reservation_4_6, a week ago.   
New to the group
Hey all! I read somewhere yesterday (on another website) that in order to lose weight one needed to cut out 3500 calories for every pound they wanted to drop.... Okay... sooooooooo what if you only eat ...
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started by Precious97.   
Hey everyone!! so discouraged and miserable being over-weight. I feel like I have tried EVERY diet out there. Any one having success with a program they would like to share:) Gook luck everyone!
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started by selena1977.   
Hi!!! I am new to this group, and I have got to get control of my weight problem. Not even sure where to start....calorie counting, low carbs, Weight Watchers,etc HELP!!!! Any suggestions are appre ...
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Just joined
Hi, I'm Heather. I'm 32 years old from Virginia Beach, VA. I'm a mom to 2 girls, ages 11 and 12 (but only my 12 yr old lives with me). We have lived with my boyfriend since the beginning of ...
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started by hncotton, 5 months ago.   
Beginning again
I started at 185 & 5'9". After a long while with an alcohol problem and unhappiness I have grown to 270 lbs. I finally reached my breaking point and said I have had enough. I started ...
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started by Jackal187, 5 months ago.   
6' 2" and 305 lbs. Looking to get down to 240.
Whew, 65 lbs. I'm seeing plenty of other people looking to lose some healthy weight as well. My goal is to get down to high school graduation weight (212) and stay there the rest of my life. I& ...
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started by TriplikeIdo5150, 5 months ago.   
Just joined the group today. I'm a 31-year-old who's stuck working during the graveyard shift and I need to lose about 65 lbs. Hopefully this step will help reach my goal.
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started by akusokuzan, 6 months ago.   
Any tips??
New to the group. Weighing in today at 250lbs. My goal is to lose 70 pounds. Any tips?? I am a resident with a busy schedule but i am willing to sacrifice.
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started by KSimms.   
does anyone know how long it takes to show a decrease in cholesterol levels? I am on induction in atkins. thanks
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Just saying Hello
Just wanted to say hello to all that involved in this group. I'm looking forward to being apart of this, and excited for change. Wishing everyone a blessed day, and good luck to all :d
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started by LSB369, 10 months ago.   
Not tracking exercise?
I've decided that I would only track food and not exercise on FS. I'm wondering if anyone else has done that and how that's worked out for people.
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started by okinawanqt.   
Long road ahead...
Hello everybody, I just joined and am on day 3 of trying to eat right and exercise. I'm 38 and 5' tall... hence losing 50 lbs of condensed fluff seems almost impossible. It takes a lot of ...
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started by Chiquitabanana76, a year ago.