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Posted: 30 Sep 2013, 01:18
I have found myself getting on the scale every morning. I really don't know if that's necessary and it certainly can be counter-productive! I have been pleasantly surprised each morning, when the digital scale says I'm less than the day before. On occasion tho, it'll ruffle my feathers and tell me I'm a pound heavier! Shock I really feel the excuses fester and suddenly I have rationalized my weight gain. Thankfully, I don't have to do this too often. How often does everyone else weigh themselves? What do you do if the scale ruffles your feathers? Question

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Posted: 06 Oct 2013, 17:22
I always weigh exactly the same time every morning. That gives me a heads up if I gain or lose so I can plan my meal for that day. I tried to do this, so I have no excuse to myself that I didn't know my weight and that will remind me not to over eat and stick with the weight goal.

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Posted: 04 Nov 2013, 11:27
I used to do every day, but it got depressing and there are so many factors that can cause slight changes I decided to do it weekly... every Monday morning as soon as I get up, in nothing but my bra and underwear. I have learned that I jump 3 lbs every month at "that time" and can expect those 3 lbs to be gone again by the following weigh in... but otherwise I pretty much trust my once a week number.

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Posted: 04 Nov 2013, 15:31
My diet says daily, daily until you realize it's just a number a number that does not control you that does not say you're a good person or a bad person. It's like knowing your blood pressure or temperature if you're sick. It's a basic indicator and that is all. Weigh daily so if you start going in the wrong direction you can say, 'hu okay' and just make fine adjustments. Not panic or get all wrapped in misery - just make adjustments and go on. I'm following the Beck Diet Guides and GI diet at the moment.

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Posted: 04 Nov 2013, 15:50
I say i'm only going to weigh once a week on a Saturday but in reality I weigh most days but only record it on a saturday (on a sheet on my fridge so I can see it every time I feel like eating something).