Group Forum: I guess I should leave this group now.

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Posted: 16 Mar 2013, 07:38
When I joined this group I had well over a hundred pounds to lose, now I have lost over a hundred pounds and have less than 100 left.
So this is farewell, Crying or Very sad good luck to all of you on your journeys.

Remember to stick to it. If you are having a hard time with self control maybe you can try what I do, I have a google calender event that fires off just after I wake up and once again in the evening and sends a notification to my phone, this notification reminds me that I love myself and that more than anything else I want to live. I believe this constant reminding myself has been my biggest aid in my journey. I used to hate myself for being fat, and everything else that was "wrong" with me, and this self hate only made things worse. Embracing a love for myself and the image of who I wanted to be is what got the ball rolling towards positive change, and it is what has helped me do better for far longer than ever before.

Very Happy You are all great people and you are worth being better for!