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Announcement: Welcome!
Well, becaue FS has given so much to me, I have decided to give something back and become an administrator for this group. I would love to see this be a successful, fun group for us thirtysomethings, ...
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Sticky: Children and South Beach
I'm doing research on children and healthy eating, and thought this was a great article whether you're on South Beach or not. Raising Healthy Kids From South Beach Diet Much like adults, ch ...
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Just starting out, need a buddy please to help me through.
Hello fellow ladies and gentlemen. I just started today, and weigh 280lbs. I'm going to try low calories foods, and to keep my carbs under a 100 grams a day. I'm looking for a buddy that I can ...
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I need buddies to help me to lose 132 lbs
Hi, everybody I am looking for a support group to help me thru the hard times!:d I just started my weight lose plan witch I have done several times But always go back. I have support at home (well they ...
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70kg to lose
Hi, It is my first day here, first day of 'new' diet and thought I would say hello. I am 36 years old and have about 70kg to lose to be a lot healthier, more to lose if I were to go down to my ...
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Need incuragement
Hi I have 150 lb to loss I need a lot of incuragement. I have nooo will power or energy but I need to loss this weight for myself,son,and husband,family.will take suggestions please no negativity it makes ...
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Just saying Hi
Hello, New to fatsecret and decided to join this group today. I'm from the Caribbean where a few extra pounds don't really matter ;) but I have to lose weight for an upcoming THR surgery - I ...
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I'm Here, I'm Sphere, and I want it to disapear!
:) My name is Mike, I'm starting a long journey toward my goal of 220. I have lost 13 so far, but I'm still a long way away.
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New with 124 to lose
Hello! Just thought I would introduce myself, as I am new to fatsecret and the group. My name is Heather, I am 32 years old and have well over 100 pounds to lose. I have all ready lost 11 pounds and ...
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New to the group...
Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I've never joined an online support community before, so I don't really know how all this will work out, but I've got high hopes. Hope everyone is having ...
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I need some buddies :)
Hi everybody, :d I have ALOT of weight to lose and need some buddies, that I can support and visa versa.... Let's lose this weight, and we promise never to look for it again... :lol: Have a good ...
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Hello, I'm new..
Hello everyone, I am new to this group and to using an online forum like this to help with weight loss. I am looking forward to meeting many new friends and supporting each other on our weight loss j ...
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Aiming for 1000 negative acalories per day
I am looking at an intake of around 2100 calories and a daily calorie burn of more than 3100 to create a calorie deficit on weekdays... Saturday is my cheat day... And i will be working out atleast 5 days ...
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New to Fatsecret and This Group
Hello everyone! I'm a 32 year old old female about to turn 33. I've been heavy for most of my life but really put on an extreme amount of weight during law school. That was 5+ years ago and ...
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New to this group....
Hello everyone! My name is Justina, I am 37 years old and have 2 kids ages 11 and 3, both boys. I have been struggling since I was a teenager with my weight, but over the last 3 years I have ballooned. ...
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