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Announcement: Welcome!
Well, becaue FS has given so much to me, I have decided to give something back and become an administrator for this group. I would love to see this be a successful, fun group for us thirtysomethings, ...
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Sticky: Children and South Beach
I'm doing research on children and healthy eating, and thought this was a great article whether you're on South Beach or not. Raising Healthy Kids From South Beach Diet Much like adults, ch ...
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Why why why why why am I so sick and tired of being fat but still continue to eat family sized bags of chips or buy sweets from the bakery for lunches?!?!?!?!? I'm sure if someone had the answer they ...
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started by Mrs KAK, 2 weeks ago.   
Really looking for support
Hello group :) I am actively seeking people who would like to dialogue/support. I have joined groups in the past and quit my last one cause the lady who handled our weigh in said some really mean stuff ...
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200 ℔ to lose!
I'm doing keto. My highest weight was never measured but I estimate I got to 327℔. I tried a low-fat diet and goal of 1600 calories or less, but I felt starving all the time. I eventually went off ...
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Round 2
Hey people! Thought I would say hello. I've been in this situation before and dropped 125 pounds. Then when I moved to the absolute worst place on earth....well maybe not earth...just America...I ...
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losing slowly
Hi to fat fighters,I eat healthy but struggle with wine that's my biggest challenge hence I am losing slowly..I guess there's no remedy just need to be the journey continues
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need some encouragement
could y'all help please need to lose at least a hundred pounds but it's so hard when my husband throws food in my face he is a small guy pray for me that I get the will power to say no he always ...
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New Start
I'm mentally and physically restarting my focus to loose weight. Seems like I do this all the time. But if I don't try, I'll never get there. Fist step, start tracking everything I eat. ...
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Hello Folks
Okay so about me I'm Jodi, 37 and unfortunately breaking the scales at 300. Although good hearted people insist that I'm not huge, because I'm "tall" lol. Anyways I am here trying ...
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Trying again...
Hey everyone I'm new to the forum but not new to Fatsecret. A few years ago I lost 6.5 stone with the app and felt great, but have slowly let bad habits and depression beat me down and am currently ...
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started by mydoggenius, 2 years ago.   
Anyone here have any experience with the HCG diet? My partner wants to try HCG (her third attempt). You can only eat 500 calories a day, seems very much like a starvation diet with HCG as a supplement. ...
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New Low Carb Group
Check out low carb lifestyle group, just formed!
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13 women who lost over 100 pounds! Sometimes when you have so much to lose, it's nice to know that other have sodraw from their inspiration. Best wishes!
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started by jcd, 3 years ago.   
Looking for buddies to keep me on the straight and narrow:)
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