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Introducing myself
Hey everybody, just joining the group...I've been on AdvoCare for 2 years now and in January became an Advisor, I have a lot of tips and tricks and recipes if anyone has questions or concerns, I am ...
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started by Socolova, 4 years ago.   
New to the Group
I am new to the group. I am on Day 8 of the 24 Day challenge. I have lost 1 lb.....but I am not going to get discouraged. I am still in the cleanse phase, so hopefully it will come off a little better ...
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started by jschim.   
Day 10
I have lost 8 lbs. YEAH! :d
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started by pow, 5 years ago.   
Lean in 13
Is anyone still around? I just started the Lean in 13 yesterday. I figure if I can get through 3 holiday parties and stick with it, I can get through any normal weeks. After this, I will do the 24 day ...
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started by vtjennygirl.   
I will begin my 24 day challenge on July 5th - can't wait to start feeling well and energized again! Anyone else starting this month?
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started by J Talia.   
24 Day Challenge starting 1/7/12-Who Wants to Join Me?
Hi there, I started the Adkins on 1/1/12 with my husband but now have been talked into doing the 24 day challenge starting 1/7/12 (That's when I should be getting it in the mail). I could use all the ...
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started by rksoup.   
2011 Advocare Challengers?
Anyone doing the 24-day challenge this year?? This group looks pretty quiet. I'm about to start next week and would love to hear some success stories and tips.
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started by MayBride, 6 years ago.   
Two weeks into the challenge
Well, the first four days I didn't lose any weight, but as of the two week mark I have lost just over 7 pounds and I don't feel hungry all the time. I have lost about 30 pounds this year, but most ...
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started by n2sooners.   
just started 24 day challenge
Hi Is anyone still doing this challenge here? I just started the cleanse yesterday.
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started by Wants2Lose, 7 years ago.   
just started 24 day challenge
I am starting next week. How did the challenge go for you?
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started by Wants2Lose, 7 years ago.   
Crossfit Des Moines Check out Mike's site. This has changed the way I think about exercising and I LOVE IT!
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started by drakedog1218, 8 years ago.   
My Results
24 Days 16lbs and 10.5 inches...woot woot - toot my own horn. I am so excited to see results this quick...and to have the energy and desire to keep it up during the Holidays! [img]http://pridebuildsc ...
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started by drakedog1218, 8 years ago.   
Following Advocare 24 Day Challenge Diet
Here is link to 24 Day Challenge Diet.... more info @
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started by drakedog1218, 8 years ago.