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Posted: 30 Aug 2012, 16:47
i've been low carbing for about 3 years now..i've had lots of ups & downs & have taken a few months off, but have been stuck to the basics of low carbing (eat clean, try to stay under 50 carbs a day) for the last year & a half(except for the month of may..i was on my honeymoon in jamacia & stuffed myself with miami vices & "cheats" are normally a glass or two of wine every other month..) but anyways...i've kinda hit a wall..i can maintain at 130-133 without too much effort, but to get any lower (& lately to even get to 130) i feel like i'm starving myself. i've been eating almost half of my allowed calories each day & have kind of developed a fear of food (which is nothing new really..i have weird eating disorders & i'm trying my best to over come them) & carbs.

i guess my question is- if any of you are low carbing how have you managed to lose the last few pounds? i'm 5'4 130-133 pound female..i dont do much weight training (i know i know, i need to) but i do walk 3-5 miles 4 times a week,if not more, & i ride my little stationary bike at work for the better part of the day(i work a slow office ran by my in-laws)
my body is kinda a mix between hour glass & pear :l
i have a big bust, medium waist (it love handles are kinda gone but i now have the little kangaroo pouch belly) & big hips. i'm not necessarily fat, but i have some chub on me..basically i'm just not very comfortable..

also- any tips on how to like yourself? ha..i know thats dumb & pathetic..but i need help. i know so many of my problems are in my head & i hope someone can kind of relate..

i know this post makes me sound dumb & lame but maybe someone can relate.


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Posted: 20 Jan 2013, 22:54

I hear what you're saying. I've been in various forms of low carbing for a couple years and am currently eating around 50 g carbs a day. I'm also still working on the last 10 lbs, so I'm not an "after" yet, but a lot of what you're saying sounds like stuff I've dealt with, so I thought I'd respond.

Having also had eating disorder stuff in the past, I would say that making yourself hungry and being afraid of food is the biggest thing going against you. Once you start trying to get rid of those pounds with brute force, it's only a matter of time before you nullify your hard work.

For me, in order to make food my friend, I had to understand it: reading books like Good Calories Bad Calories was a highlight of that ongoing process. Once you have a pretty solid working sense of how bodies work, I think it's easier to make decisions knowing what the consequences of those decisions are.

I could ramble on forever, so I'll keep it short for now. If you'd like some book suggestions or weight lifting regimens or something else, I'd be happy to oblige.

Good luck,

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Posted: 29 Mar 2013, 11:58
Ashley, I literally have the exact same situation! 5'4" with a "skinny fat" type feel. I don't think I'm fat, but I am definitely squishy! I fluctuate between 122-130 and it drives me cheat day and I swear my weight soars back to 130. I'm starting the 30 day shred (by jillian michaels) you can find my challenge on here! It is a quick 20mins with some strength training thrown in there. The results I've seen on forums have been moderate weight loss but like, great toning and muscle building. I think it'll be my answer to get over my hate of working out and making myself do some weights! lol Anyways, that's my suggestion. Smile

On being okay with myself, for me my secret has been to just focus on the fact that I may never be perfect, but as long as I'm trying I'm getting closer! And of course, focusing on the good. You know like, you're busty! Some girls would literally kill for that! As well, I changed my goal from being "skinny" to being "fit" or muscular...and for some reason that seems more achievable to me.

Also, don't go hungry! I know exactly what you mean about being scared of food...but I always tell myself that if I don't eat enough, my body will store fat...and it's true! Offering yourself a little flexibility by like zig-zagging your calorie intake can help. Like 1100 one day, 900 another, 1300 another. That way your body won't get used to a set amount. Honestly, just read and read and read about nutrition (like michele said) and you'll be comforted in the facts...I know I was. Plus it keeps you motivated Smile

For us girls...this is an ongoing struggle, and it really isn't fair, but we can do it!

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Posted: 29 Mar 2013, 15:21
I kind of forgot I posted this hahaha.. I started running 3-5 miles at least 3 times a week & doing a spin class 1 or 2 times a week in Jan..I'm still up & down the same few pounds but working out has helped me feel a bit better about myself. I guess I'm falling into that whole "healthy is the new skinny" vibe..I have also been a little less strick on the wine issue.. I miss my wine (bread, pasta, problem..but being a wine-o is another story) & I miss being comfortable & once every two weeks (am going to try to bump it up to every week..just to see..I trust myself enough to cut back again if I get going & realize thats too much) I allow myself some good ole grape juice. I may drink the whole bottle, I may only have a glass..but its helped me feel less insane & a lot happier.
I also had my husband hide the scale & am just going by a measuring tape & my clothes for now. Its still hard..accepting myself & my body & trying to be comfortable. Last time I weighted I was at 134 (talk about an ugly mental breakdown..working my ass off just to gain!? ugh..thats when the scale got put away ha) I have been zig-zagging the calories a bit..not so much on purpose but there are somedays where I am STARVING & others a bowl of brussle sprouts, butter, & hambuger meat for dinner are more than enough to feel satisfied & happy. I am also reading the book health at every size..if you havent heard about it, look into it. So far its been pretty eye opening. Thank you both for the support & like I said, sorry I didnt reply sooner, I really forgot about this ha.
So yeah..I guess in the end, I still havent reached my "goal weight" & of course am still trying to see & maintain that magic number..but I knew I had a LOT of mental issues that needed/need to be dealt with before I could ever get any better with all this, so I've been focusing on being a bit kinder & happier, in hopes that the weight issue will kind of work its self out..I have also been IF..which I'm starting to think might be a bad thing for me. I want to quit, but with my obsessive/crazy/omg food is the enemy mind set...letting it go has been hard..any tips or insight on that?

ps- sorry if this doesnt make since..I'm actually about to break my fast & am pretty hungry..haha so my mind is

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Posted: 29 Mar 2013, 15:25
ps- I am finally getting to the point where weights dont totally freak me any books suggestions (on fitness, health, any of that fun stuff) would be great. I am a total nerd when it comes to reading up on stuff like this & love having new material :]

again thanks for the kind words, its reallllly nice knowing I'm not the only one fighting this battle.

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Posted: 29 Mar 2013, 18:21

Well it's good to hear you're having a bit more fun. Sometimes it's good to go hard, but sometimes it's good to have a glass of wine and throw your scale out the window (or have your husband hide it).

Also, it's awesome that you're considering weight training. I have a couple tips.

First, you don't HAVE to go to a gym to work out, but there are some perks to doing it like that: it gives you structure, and it gives you access to lots of different ways of exercising so you can have both breadth and variety in your workout.

Second, check out this website:

That's just one article, but she also has a whole workout routine and videos of how to do exercises. I like the author's style - she's really straight-forward and everything I've read on her site has made me think "yeah! that is totally legit advice."

Third, this can be tricky, but it can be SO much easier to acclimate to weight lifting if you have a competent workout partner. Especially in the beginning, if you're anything like me, you're going to feel like a frickin IDIOT in the gym. You're struggling with all your might to lift something that isn't very heavy to most of the other people in there. Of course, it's all in your head, but it's still so helpful to have someone there to keep you in line, to say "get over it" when you start tearing up by the pull up bar. After a few months, you'll get more comfortable and confident in the gym - stick with it!

Third and a half, you have to push yourself in a way that I, personally, was unaccustomed to. When I first started training, my workout buddy would push me and I thought he was pushing me too hard. I was like: this is already hard, you don't need to add more weight, but you have to keep pushing yourself to improve. You can't get comfortable.

Fourth, one of the nice things about strength training (although some people go a little overboard on this) is that it gives you a measure of your progress. In the process of trying to optimize my lifestyle, I sometimes get negative (you know the deal: body isn't changing as fast as hoped, yada yada) and I start questioning everything, but there is NO doubt that I am stronger. I could hardly lift the bench bar when I started, and after something like a year I have mad weights on that thing! Ok, maybe just 85 lb, but it's more than 40 lb.

Finally, on body image: this is a topic that SO desperately needs to be addressed, in general. I struggle with it and I see other people struggling with it, but it's very hard to talk about and hard to resolve. It sounds like the three of us who have posted on this thread so far fall into the category of: young women who are not overweight and want to feel healthier, fitter, and sexier. For people like us, I see this tension between trying to obtain this perfect body and making peace with the way you are, and it's very confusing to figure out which is the right choice for you. That sounds silly, to suggest that accepting the way you are is not obviously the best choice, but I think for us there is some hope that if we adopted the right lifestyle we might obtain this higher level of fitness that would BE healthier and feel healthier - a win win. But then there's some chance that our bodies simply do not want to look like that of a swimsuit model's and maybe there isn't a way of getting there that is healthy. But we don't know yet. Am I right???

p.s. maybe consider toning down the IF. I keep hearing/reading about how it's not always such a great idea for women, especially those with eating disorder/body image issues. I've also been intrigued by the concept. Just be careful.

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Posted: 16 Aug 2013, 11:32

I know I'm a bit late in the game here, but I just wanted to add something! I have been doing a lot of weigh training the last 2 years (and recently added in long distance running) but haven't lost any weight the last 2 years. I finally started checking my % body fat, and that really told a different story than the scale did! If you have access to a gym they most likely will be able to calculate it for you, or there are home scales that can do it too. Knowing your percent compared to whats normal helped me a lot, especially since I'm tall (5'9"Wink and weigh more than my friends.

Good luck!