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What is your goal size?
We all here wanted to lose weight but what if we gain some but are good weight like building muscle, slim tone and fit instead of flabby fats. So what is your goal size? US size
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started by mermaidariel.   
The last few pounds...
I've been doing really well with my very conservative goal of losing one pound a month. I just bought a size 2 dress! But, the more I lose, the hungrier I am. Any tips for shedding the last few ...
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I AM New At This I Just Started Working Out For The First Time In MylLife At 23 Years Old! I Want To Lose 10Lbs And Just Started This Month. My Only Real Problem Is My Belly But I Would Like To Tone And ...
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Is this group still active?! All the posts are outdated, and no current posts/pictures! This should be the most fun group on here, come on guys!
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I need ideas!
I am brit. I'm going to be 22. I'm about 5'5 and 118lbs. I want to get down to 110 and tone my belly up. And I'm doing like crunches for five minutes then run and jump like an idiot then ...
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any low carbers?
i've been low carbing for about 3 years now..i've had lots of ups & downs & have taken a few months off, but have been stuck to the basics of low carbing (eat clean, try to stay under 50 ...
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started by ashleylovebug.   
Low carb high protein
I'm doing protein/fat/veggie meals and avoiding carbs and sugar, with one protein/carb/veggie smoothie after workouts. Any tips on getting more fiber and calcium? Or tips on improving it in any way?
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Starting a low carb lifestyle
Hey my name is Alex, and I just started a very low carb diet. I'm keeping my carbs under 30g a day with high fats and proteins. Still need to balance the fats and proteins out :lol: . But I hope ...
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started by getgeeked, 2 years ago.   
mens physique contest
hi guys! i am gonna be competing for the first time in the mens physique division in august, i have to diet down around 10 or 12 pound of fat, hopefully also gain some muscle in the process so it should ...
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started by emanuelahmed, 3 years ago.   
Join the Challenge - Our Last Challengers Lost Over 400 Pounds
Hope you can join the W-10, Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month Challenge. Find it in Challenges on FatSecret. All the Best,
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started by greg4God, 3 years ago.   
Do You Need a Challenge?
How would you like to compete for prizes and lose weight? The W-10 Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month challenge is for you. You get a group of motivated weight loss companions, an experienced challenge encou ...
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It's Ramadan, is anyone fasting here?
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stop judging me.
I recently started a new job in an office, and there are plenty of days with ordering in lunches and bagel breakfasts, etc.. so I try to make sure I at least have a healthy breakfast so Im not tempted ...
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Tips for losing the belly?
My top priority, as I lose weight, is to get my core stronger and my tummy flatter. I've NEVER had a flat tummy. But then again, I've never been very active either. Anyway, if anyone who has ...
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More Protein
Hello everyone! My name is Ran-Mao, and I am new to the FatSecret community. I am trying to lose that couple extra pounds and become more toned. Right now I am 5 feet and 88 pounds and my goal weight is ...
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