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Posted: 06 Nov 2012, 21:50
I am a 27 year old female, who weighs 285. I have been through a vicious cycle of weight loss and gain. 2 years ago I weighed 296 and I told myself I would NOT weigh 300. I worked my butt off for 5 months and lost 50 pounds and then my motivation disappeared. I slowly gained it back and then some. Confused I tried to lose again and just could not get started. In August, I changed jobs and became too busy to snack. I lost 13 lbs. it sort of motivated me and I joined a gym this Sunday. I have been everyday since and already lost a pound, but I fear I will lose my motivation again. I need a buddy or a few buddies to keep me motivated. I am willing to return the favor. Smile

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Posted: 08 Nov 2012, 14:37
Hi im pearl, im willing to be a motivator, since im kinda in the same situation. im 21, i weigh 265, and im trying to get dwn 50+lbs, i really dont wanna see my scale hit 300 either.. add me and we can do this together Smile

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Posted: 12 Nov 2012, 13:15
Hi, I'm Sara. I'm 25 and when I started I was 240, now I'm at 225.. and still trying to drop. I recently found this daily planner

I printed it off 7 times, laminated them, and I use a dry erase marker to fill it out every day. So far it's doing a great job keeping me in check. Plus I get the added satisfaction of crossing things off the list as I do them.

Anyway, figured I would share that tidbit of info.

I'm hoping to stick with my current diet. I've done a few dieting attempts in the last few years that lasted maybe a month, obviously didn't work. My attempt in 2008 lasted 3 months - and I dropped 4 sizes. So now I'm trying to see if I can repeat that.

A few other things I'm doing differently this time:

- I keep track of everything I eat on here, and evaluate what to have for dinner based on how many calories I consume earlier in the day.

- I made cute motivational posters from quotes I found on pinterest and scrapbook paper. They are hanging up in my house so I HAVE to look at them.

- Instead of planning my workouts for the month, I write them down every day. Seems to give me more of an affirmation to complete them.

- I only buy healthy food. Can't snack on what isn't there.

- I drink tons of water during the day.

- I use body lotion after every shower. Partly to keep my skin healthy. Partly to keep it elastic so it can adjust to the weight-loss better. But mostly so I am aware of what I look like and so I can spend that extra 'me' time. If I feel like I'm making myself look/feel better by pampering, I almost seem to naturally want to make myself look and feel healthier.

- To start out with, I'm only making minor changes. Paying attention to calories and doing at least 20 minutes of some form of (easy) fitness. I dislike running and being sweaty. So I won't start with running/crossfit/P90X because I know I will hate it and stop. For now, I'm doing some resistance training on my bowflex (it's actually really easy) and I'm doing some Pilates DVDs with stretching other days. Easy and fun. So I don't discourage myself. Eventually I will add things that are more challenging, but just starting out... that's not the best way to go.

If I think of anything else, I will pass it along Smile

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Posted: 15 Nov 2012, 15:39
hi am sam, i'm 24 i weigh 262lb and i dont want to reach that 300lb either every new year i say im goin to loose the weight and i gain instead. i strated off great and lost motivation and thats when i gain it bac and fast too. so this year i promise my self to go to the new year a different person.

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Posted: 15 Nov 2012, 22:22
fearless, why wait until New Years to start? It makes things a lot easier to make small changes and make them into habits. Otherwise if you change everything at once, you risk giving up.

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Posted: 23 Nov 2012, 21:08
When I first joined Fatsecret I took pictures of myself in my underwear. I'm ashamed to admit I lied about my starting weight on the site because it was a number I really didn't want to have to enter. Whenever I am feeling too lazy to exercise I force myself to look at the undie pics that are tagged with the shameful weight I was. I'm not sure if this is a very mentally healthy tip but it helps me stay on track when I'm really not feeling my new lifestyle.

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Posted: 03 Dec 2012, 15:31
I did the same thing with the undie pics, those pics can definitely be motivation to get off of your butt and do something. I use my pics for that very same reason. Whatever works to motivate you is okay as long as you are not putting yourself down!

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Posted: 13 Dec 2012, 10:46
Post a no bull-s##t diet of what you ACTUALLY eat in a day. Do this for a week on here and people will have a simpler time at evaluating your diet and what could be tweaked to increase your weight-loss.

Don't lie about how MUCH you ate either, be honest because every single thing you put in your mouth can and will have an impact on your success.
Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.

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Posted: 15 Jan 2013, 08:54
Hello group,
I am also looking for buddies on here. I am 25 years old and went from 226 to 182 in just a few months. I have not been straving myself or on a crash diet. Instead, I simply counted calories. And I just started working out last week. Despite the progress I've made, I would still like to build a support system on here for those rough times that we often face during our weight loss journey.