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Posted: 11 Nov 2012, 14:38
So, I am the victim of an eating disorder and a poor diet. By that I mean I have the fork to mouth disorder and am following the "see food" diet. I am a person who eats their troubles away and eats out of boredom. The worst part is I know exactly what I am doing to myself each time I pick up the fork, or swing by the convenience store for a quick snack. I have always been active but all that has done is slightly slow my weight gain. I finished 5.5 years in the Marine Corps in March of this year. My time in the Marine Corps was not enjoyable to put it mildly. I completely screwed up my shoulder 6 months after arriving in Okinawa, Japan, and 3 years and a surgery later I was medically separated for that injury. During this time, I was told by my command that they would take my rank away if they caught me working out. I'm not complaining if that's what you are thinking. I am just giving you an explanation of where my current weight came from and why it is so hard to start back up. I tried working out when I returned home but a month later I was down again with injury (I'm guessing due to my large amount of lack of physical activity) and haven't picked up on it since then. I don't know what to expect this time, but after my last check-up and high cholesterol, my life depends on results. I am going to try South Beach Phase 1, with Plexus Slim, and low impact cardio starting out. If you have any questions just ask me. I have a lot of knowledge about food, exercise, and have taken about every non-prescription diet pill on the market. I am currently at 270+ lbs and my goal weight is 185. I do not have a workout buddy or anyone for accountability so this time, it's all on me. No excuses!

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Posted: 23 Nov 2012, 21:16
I can relate to the comfort eating as your downfall, the guilt you feel while doing it just makes the cycle worse.

I'm not familiar with the South Beach diet or Plexus Slim but I wish you the best. Out of curiosity, you mentioned a check-up, did your doctor recommend these as a way to lose weight? Low impact cardio is a great addition, are you able to lift weights as well? Or does your previous injury prohibit that?

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Posted: 26 Nov 2012, 08:40
I can lift some weights and have been. I have always believed that breaking down your muscles burns calories longer because you are burning calories as your body as rebuilding them. South Beach is a low carb diet for the first part and then rounds out into a multi-grain only carbs towards the end. It is great and I have not been hungry yet. As far as the Plexus Slim, I am taking it because the diet (energy) pill that comes with it is great and gives me a ton of energy. One of my buddy's said something to me today and that was "No matter how good you think it tastes now, it will taste so much better when you are at the weight you want to be at."

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Posted: 10 Dec 2012, 19:54
I know what you mean about the eating problems. I binge eat, emotional eat, eat out of boredom and am a closet-eater. Surround yourself only with healthy food (but not food that you hate). Fruit is a lifesaver for me, as is sugar free pudding cups, carrot sticks and spicy hummus, etc. If you really want this, you'll find a way to make it happen. Otherwise, you'll just find excuses why you can't. But trust me, you can! Smile
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Posted: 13 Dec 2012, 10:52
Phil - you are backwards on your thought about burning calories after lifting. When you lift you tear your muscle fibers. You also can go too far and put yourself into a catabolic mode where it eats your muscles for fuel and then when you eat again (once your body has already entered the 'fight-or-flight'Wink it stores your calorie intake. Your body burns more fat with the more muscle your body has. More musce = more calories (fat) burned resting. You don't see people in the gym who move big weight weigh a huge # and are sloppy fat.

Don't risk your shoulder while lifting. If you are going to perform upper body workouts use machines. I blew out a shoulder with a military press and had to work back to a decent working weight all on a smith or other upper body machines.
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