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Looking for a diet buddy!!
I'm Lizzie, I'm a 21 year old student trying to loose weight. I think it'd be really helpful to make a friend who I can exchange daily food diaries with for motivation!
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started by lizziebobs, 3 months ago.   
Hello! I am not sure how active this group still is, but I will give this a try. My name is Sarah. I am 26 on Sept. 14 and currently 264lbs with a goal weight of 140lbs. I recently started the Mediter ...
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started by sarahschaper.   
hello how are you
hey im 28 and have been telling my self im eating for two, that and im not fat im pregnant. i know i really need to get down and loose this weight after baby is born in march.
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started by MamaMaime, a year ago.   
Hello! New to this-
Hello! I'm Mary, 22, and a full time student. I've had WLS- Gastric lapband; it's helped me a lot and such. I'm trying to lost around 80 lbs, GW; 110. Any advice? For 2017, I'm ...
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started by AmbroseNecrom, a year ago.   
Clean Eating the UNHEALTHY Truth - R.D. Nutritionist Perspective
Mind blown! I never thought of it this way! She rips apart Panera Bread's clean eating campaign. Shock
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started by floodjlc, a year ago.   
hello everyone
So I am new to this group and quite new to fs...i am trying as hard as i can to do this BC though I am only 29 I have recently been told I am at risk of having a heart attack. Is there any suggestions ...
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started by DarkFairy0823.   
Starting over ... AGAIN
I don't know how many times in my teens and now into my twenties that I've told myself I need to lose weight, or take better care of myself. I've never had anyone support me. If anything, ...
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started by FoodFan.   
New to group
Hello everyone, I am having a tough time losing weight. Busyness and stress have overtaken my life and it's hard to find time to exercise. I don't do much for myself, but try to eat nutritiously. ...
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started by rsrechik.   
Want my life back
Hello, My name is Faith and I'm 28, 227 pounds. I used to be crazy into health and fitness and loved every minute of it. Then I started dating my boyfriend and I have gained 45 Pounds and still g ...
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started by skiingblond, 2 years ago.   
new to the group, hello!
Hey everyone, I'm Zella. I'm 29 and a mother of two (though they live with my former mother in law) and I am determined to lose weight and keep it off this time. My current weight is 308. I know ...
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started by ZellaSky0086.   
Turned 27 and needing some support :)
Hi all! I just turned 27 and for the first time in my life, I had to purchase something from the "women's" department at a store rather than the "misses." It was crushing. I'm ...
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started by Skparker.   
weight loss after giving birth to two kids through c section
i have been really struggling with weight loss after giving birth and worse still my tummy looks big because of the c- section so can anyone please help me with tips on how to conquer this, was 62.5kg ...
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started by african endo, 2 years ago.   
Never thought it'd get this bad :/
Hi guys, I'm new to fatsecret. I'm 22 years old, just graduated from college in May, and I've reached a record high weight of 190lbs at 5'1". I've always been a chubby girl, but ...
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started by mlr1993.   
Help me!! New Kid
My name is Samantha, I have always been the overweight kid growing up and could never shed the weight. I am presently 279.76 pounds or 126.9 KGs. In January my gaul bladder was removed and Im insullin ...
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started by Sjstarke.   
I have been eatting a bit better and trying to work out at home, but i keep gaining weight and now i have no motivation to do anything, summer is coming and im no longer confortable in my body and i dont ...
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started by mandii_0822.