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Never thought it'd get this bad :/
Hi guys, I'm new to fatsecret. I'm 22 years old, just graduated from college in May, and I've reached a record high weight of 190lbs at 5'1". I've always been a chubby girl, but ...
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Help me!! New Kid
My name is Samantha, I have always been the overweight kid growing up and could never shed the weight. I am presently 279.76 pounds or 126.9 KGs. In January my gaul bladder was removed and Im insullin ...
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I have been eatting a bit better and trying to work out at home, but i keep gaining weight and now i have no motivation to do anything, summer is coming and im no longer confortable in my body and i dont ...
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Changing what we think first!
Read my story, If your looking for emotional support you can use anyone of these sites to reach out to my team. ~JT🌍♻️...🐅🇺🇸 A1A ...
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started by Jeffreyangelo21, 4 months ago.   
Beyond Frustrated
Why can’t I do this? Why can’t I stay on board and make it happen? Today is a new beginning (again). A new start… I saw myself in videos over this weekend – videos from a recent birthday party of mine. ...
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The Big 3-0 is coming
OMG, I turn 30 years old in about 5 months! :shock: I'm holding on to 29 right now! I guess I won't qualify for this group anymore, lol. Merry Christmas today, btw! My long-term goal in this ...
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started by cagednomore, 8 months ago.   
Oil Free Tortilla chips
Just sharing, these tortilla chips are oil free so go fabulously with salsa for only 1g of fat for 14 chips. They taste like authentic corn tortillas, so don't think that they taste like America ...
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started by bbrown777, 8 months ago.   
Not sure what to do
I started really working out with determination to lose 30kg by 31st December 2014. I started on the 19th of July. For 1 week plus, it was fine. I was very determine and strong. controlled my food and ...
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started by kerthi.   
So I'm 26 and my cholesterol level is at 6. I'm not too sure what that all means, but I know it leads to heart conditions etc... I just had a baby so I would do anything to make sure that I'm ...
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Recent fracture
Hello everyone, I am new to FS and I hope I can find someone who can give me some advice for this. I fractured my ankle and foot in late April, tearing the ligaments on the side of my foot from the bone. ...
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started by eenerassyla, a year ago.   
focus t25
has anyone tried focus t25 and gotten results?
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Losing weight at home!
Diet and exercise are important to me...mainly because it dragged me out of my depression and PTSD...anxiety and flashbacks. So why not you, too? I started doing Focus T25 at home, drinking Shakeology, ...
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started by Bailmcdo1, a year ago.   
losing weight cycling!
So ive just started a regime of cycling every day, with varying distances. I find running, jogging and walking disastrous for my asthma, and cycling is pretty much the only thing that doesn't send ...
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Really Irritated!!:doubt:
So i have done Atkins before and though it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination it is something i can do and actually stick with. But I started last Monday thinking I was going to start this ...
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Meal replacement shakes
My first post... Yay lol I found a weightloss challenge group on facebook and decided to join it. Its basically a group of people who meet up in my area to support and motivate each other. I was super ...
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