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Really Irritated!!:doubt:
So i have done Atkins before and though it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination it is something i can do and actually stick with. But I started last Monday thinking I was going to start this ...
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started by Agrumman, 2 days ago.   
Hello, new to this
my name is Andre, and I've been trying to find new ways to lose weight. i did the 500 calorie diet meal plan(still doing it) but i think i need a new meal plan and need to up my calorie intake to ...
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started by drelife, a week ago.   
hello my name is blue
iam new to all this never used any sites to help with waight but iam despratly trying to lose waight this time i was told iam on the verge of diabetes and it scared the crap out of me i just turned 29 ...
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started by bluequeen13420, a week ago.   
focus t25
has anyone tried focus t25 and gotten results?
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started by kimmiejay, 3 weeks ago.   
So I'm 26 and my cholesterol level is at 6. I'm not too sure what that all means, but I know it leads to heart conditions etc... I just had a baby so I would do anything to make sure that I'm ...
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started by vernicey.   
New Guy | Hello
I was looking for a community of supportive people where I could comfortably talk about THAH STRUGGLE we all share. I'm on week three of my diet where I'm simply restricting my calories to 1,500 ...
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started by RyanVita.   
Howdy. Hindsight sucks.
Hello there! I am Kaytee (or Krystal). I am 27 years old and just joined this site today. My 27th birthday was just before Xmas. During a cleaning binge post holidays I found a journal I had written in ...
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started by KayTee86.   
Meal replacement shakes
My first post... Yay lol I found a weightloss challenge group on facebook and decided to join it. Its basically a group of people who meet up in my area to support and motivate each other. I was super ...
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started by Stormymix.   
I cheated..
All freaking day today. I woke up and weighed and I'm up so I got super posses. I dont understand. My last two diets I successfully lost. Didn't gain. Could pregnancy change something???
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started by jerrstinson, 3 months ago.   
Why oh why can't I just exercise?!
I so badly need to start. My husband recently purchased his father's day, bday, anniversary and Christmas present.... the Xbox One. It is pretty cool... any who... he is going to get me the Zumba ...
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started by jerrstinson, 3 months ago.   
42 more lbs to go...
I started my diet at 167 and I'm looking to get to 115. I'm 5'1 and 23yrs old. I'm a SAHM of two girls and I gained most of my weight from my first pregnancy. 55lbs... anyway. I used to ...
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started by jerrstinson, 3 months ago.   
Hi there.
Hey I'm new, I found this as an app on the Play store and it seems really good. This part is extra and I think the support could really help. I'm only 20 and used to be 9 stone with a lot of e ...
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started by JWong9, 3 months ago.   
Getting serious
I have had 70lbs to loose for almost five years and recently I have been getting more serious about my health. I have had so much trouble in the past keeping up with eating right and exercise. I really ...
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started by Silmarillion22.   
first time.
I am new here. this is my first day on here. a little bit about myself, i am 22, 23 in feb. i am a mother of a beautiful 3.5 year old. 4 in march. i weigh 254 goal is 143. is it wrong of me that i am ...
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started by Danniellee7810, 4 months ago.   
new here
hey everyone i just made an account and would love to get some new friends/support. feel free to add me :) I got at least 80lbs til my goal weight and need all the support I can get! xx Thanks everyone ...
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started by dancer1201.