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Posted: 05 Jan 2013, 07:32
I am clinically depressed and an emotional eater, over the last summer and semester I gained 40lbs between the emotional eating and the fact that I started cooking for my (now) fiance almost every night and I suck at portion control. I started dieting and exercising in the middle of December and for the most part was losing weight at a slow pace (I have 30lbs to go as of this morning). Recently (since the first), I've been undergoing a lot of stress in my relationship (so much that I've not been eating much as opposed to my normal emotional eating) and have lost 4-6lbs in the past two days. I've been drinking fluids, so I don't think it's water weight. What I'm wondering is: Is stress weight loss generally fat or muscle?

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Posted: 09 Jan 2013, 14:08
Don't count on stress weight loss. It's very bad for you.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2013, 11:56
Could not agree more with nyck13k. what is worse is that Its generally temporary as you are depriving yourself and we get upset when it comes back. Hence the weakened feeling and increased tiredness which certainly wont help an underlying condition. Try to exercise, even if its lightly and just get outside and clear your head. DOnt even consider that weight loss, as you will just be discouraged when it comes back. Take small healthy steps.. all we can do is one step at a time. Eat something healthy and put your nutrition and care for yourself as your priority.

Baby steps. Not stress loss.

Hugs from here.