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The hardest part to control
I'm seeing that the biggest difficulty in my weight loss is drinking! I'm trying to cut back on the bars for my weight and my wallet but I still find it hard to stay away from the stuff at home! ...
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When you eat & live healthier, your goal is closer!!!
Well! In after a year I just realized that I many kgs lighter! I am still not at my goal weight but at least I am very happy of losing systematically little by little my excess weight. I do not feel ...
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hey everyone. Its my first time on the site...spurred by a lady asking if i just had a baby:( and no i don't have any kids. and there's nothing like having a support system to achieve my weight ...
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Lack of motivation from my partner
I know this is for me. I want to lose weight for me but it's difficult when a lot of my bad habits started because of his eating habits. All processed foods when I know how to cook clean and healthy. ...
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Hi all. I'm glad there's a group for this age group; I feel like I should be in my prime but feel more like a frump aged 25. I blame my junk food gorging partner, my love for chocolate and my ...
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Hey I'm 22 and have just gained loads of weight due to quitting smoking , which I replaced with food... currently 160.... want to get to 130, :-)
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New to the group
Hey everyone! I just joined the group earlier today. I am 26 years old and have 35 lbs left to lose. I began my weight loss journey the end of August 2013. I got down to 157lbs which was amazing but ...
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I just lost 31.2lbs and 41.5" total on the omni drops program threw omnitrition!!!
Hey everyone! I am a 22 year old female. I have always been a few pounds over weight, and then had a baby just over year ago and gained 20lbs!! With the help of omnitrition I have lost 31.2lbs in only ...
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New here :) around 3 Stone (20 kg / 45lbs) to go!
Hi everyone, just thought I'd say hi! My name is Carrie, I'm 23 from London but currently living in Germany. Since being in a relationship I've piled on 10kg from my lowest weight :S not ...
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time to lose
Hi new to the group I'm 21 an have a 13 month old time to lose about 35 pounds an hopefully get back to high school weight
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New to the group!
Hello! I am new to the group. I am 27 years old and need to lose about 20 lbs. Just need some motivation and need to be held accountable. I am hoping that with joining some other people in dieting I will ...
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Hey everyone Just introducing myself to the group. I haven't been on this site in almost a year. Im here to get back into the healthy habits i once had and to get motivated to stay in those habits. ...
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started by ska18, 10 months ago.   
Ready! Steady! Go!
I'm 27 years old with at least 50lbs to loose :-( Any way i'm ready to get started. it's hard work but i'm ready to make a change. Wish food didn't taste so good lol...
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Join My Challenge - Cinco De Mayo Sprint
Hello All, Please join my challenge. You will find it in the Challenges section here on the website. It is called "I am losing 10 Pounds - Cinco De Mayo Sprint" I would love to join us to ...
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started by greg4God, 10 months ago.   
Fallen off the wagon...
:doubt: So for the last three weeks I've completely fallen off the wagon. It was my birthday then a really busy patch in work where I was working pretty much 10 hours a day and I was eating whatever ...
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