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Hey Everyone, My name is Alannah. I am 25 years old and trying to lose 65 pounds. I hope that I can learn from all of you, and hopefully encourage some of you to reach your goals!! We can do this. :d
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started by Alannah-M, 3 months ago.   
Egg Fasting
To reduce few pounds in week I try egg fasting. Let see how much it worked.:!: :!:
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started by sonuchaudhary, 5 months ago.   
Hi everyone, I'm a 25 year old female. I work in an office, and I have noticed severe weight gain. Since I noticed it, I do office workouts, use the fitness room on my breaks. Track my calories. ...
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started by Devindobran, 7 months ago.   
Consistency was always my biggest obstacle standing in my way from my goals. I knew I needed to do something...take action...I was fed up with not having control over my health/fitness. I see so many ...
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started by nickhauser, a year ago.   
Hello Friends !!
I am new to this journey .
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started by sarmisthaRauta, a year ago.   
My Name is Marcel and I am from Germany. I just started to use this site! I want to loose my weight. I just gained 50 lbs from medication... and now I need to get back to my old shape :) Hope i will find ...
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started by SeeEmAge95, a year ago.   
Just introducing myself and looking for pals!
29/F/NY No kids, lots of fur babies!! Music, movies and gaming is what im into! Friends with common interest is always a plus! :) 8) Would like to lose 40 pounds, starting to deal with unnecessary ...
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started by kcliff29.   
New to fat secret - not new to dieting...
Hey guys! I'm 25 years old, female, and I would like to lose at least 20 pounds. Currently 160-164 (depending on how bloated I am ugh), which is up from a weight of 155-158 that I had maintained for ...
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started by lobstermoose.   
Good Afternoon! I am new to this group and I want to take losing weight and getting healthy seriously. I am not used to healthy eating and I used to be skinny (120 lbs) until all of a sudden a few years ...
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started by Kwid2007.   
Good Rewards For Hitting Your Milestone
Hey everyone, I figured this would be a good topic for a lot of people, (and to be honest, I have no idea either and need some motivation). What would be some good rewards for hitting your weight mi ...
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started by Asarver.   
Please Advise
Can someone please give me advice...I lost 12kg up to today but for the last 2 weeks my weight is the same. Am I doing something wrong? I am eating the same food, no take away or fating :cry: foods
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started by Knoetzem.   
Hello I'm 25 years (new to the group)I managed to lose 55lbs a couple of years ago . But spent the whole of last year not eating right and not exercising . Have managed to pile on 50 lbs so here I ...
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started by Mphajay19, 3 years ago.   
Let's look at diet and exercise a different way
Read my story, If your looking for emotional support you can use anyone of these sites to reach out to my team. ~JT🌍♻️...🐅🇺🇸 A1A ...
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started by Jeffreyangelo21, 3 years ago.   
The hardest part to control
I'm seeing that the biggest difficulty in my weight loss is drinking! I'm trying to cut back on the bars for my weight and my wallet but I still find it hard to stay away from the stuff at home! ...
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started by demon midget.   
When you eat & live healthier, your goal is closer!!!
Well! In after a year I just realized that I many kgs lighter! I am still not at my goal weight but at least I am very happy of losing systematically little by little my excess weight. I do not feel ...
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started by Mambo poa.