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Lack of motivation from my partner
I know this is for me. I want to lose weight for me but it's difficult when a lot of my bad habits started because of his eating habits. All processed foods when I know how to cook clean and healthy. ...
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started by Lahreesah.   
When you eat & live healthier, your goal is closer!!!
Well! In after a year I just realized that I many kgs lighter! I am still not at my goal weight but at least I am very happy of losing systematically little by little my excess weight. I do not feel ...
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started by Mambo poa, 2 months ago.   
Hi all. I'm glad there's a group for this age group; I feel like I should be in my prime but feel more like a frump aged 25. I blame my junk food gorging partner, my love for chocolate and my ...
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started by SimplyBlue.   
Hey I'm 22 and have just gained loads of weight due to quitting smoking , which I replaced with food... currently 160.... want to get to 130, :-)
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started by sianp92.   
hey everyone. Its my first time on the site...spurred by a lady asking if i just had a baby:( and no i don't have any kids. and there's nothing like having a support system to achieve my weight ...
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New to the group
Hey everyone! I just joined the group earlier today. I am 26 years old and have 35 lbs left to lose. I began my weight loss journey the end of August 2013. I got down to 157lbs which was amazing but ...
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started by ahardesty79.   
I just lost 31.2lbs and 41.5" total on the omni drops program threw omnitrition!!!
Hey everyone! I am a 22 year old female. I have always been a few pounds over weight, and then had a baby just over year ago and gained 20lbs!! With the help of omnitrition I have lost 31.2lbs in only ...
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started by Ellasmommy13, 5 months ago.   
New here :) around 3 Stone (20 kg / 45lbs) to go!
Hi everyone, just thought I'd say hi! My name is Carrie, I'm 23 from London but currently living in Germany. Since being in a relationship I've piled on 10kg from my lowest weight :S not ...
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started by Gutbuster37.   
time to lose
Hi new to the group I'm 21 an have a 13 month old time to lose about 35 pounds an hopefully get back to high school weight
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started by autum3.   
New to the group!
Hello! I am new to the group. I am 27 years old and need to lose about 20 lbs. Just need some motivation and need to be held accountable. I am hoping that with joining some other people in dieting I will ...
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started by vkarelse.   
Hey everyone Just introducing myself to the group. I haven't been on this site in almost a year. Im here to get back into the healthy habits i once had and to get motivated to stay in those habits. ...
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started by ska18, 7 months ago.   
Ready! Steady! Go!
I'm 27 years old with at least 50lbs to loose :-( Any way i'm ready to get started. it's hard work but i'm ready to make a change. Wish food didn't taste so good lol...
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started by verber125.   
Join My Challenge - Cinco De Mayo Sprint
Hello All, Please join my challenge. You will find it in the Challenges section here on the website. It is called "I am losing 10 Pounds - Cinco De Mayo Sprint" I would love to join us to ...
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started by greg4God, 7 months ago.   
Fallen off the wagon...
:doubt: So for the last three weeks I've completely fallen off the wagon. It was my birthday then a really busy patch in work where I was working pretty much 10 hours a day and I was eating whatever ...
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started by NinjaPirate.   
Looking for someone to be my motivation buddy!
I just joined this group about a week or so ago. I am a full time student as well as a mother to 3 children. And now it is time for me to lose some of this weight! Ideally I would love to lose about 65 ...
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started by Edenrae89, 9 months ago.