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Fallen off the wagon...
:doubt: So for the last three weeks I've completely fallen off the wagon. It was my birthday then a really busy patch in work where I was working pretty much 10 hours a day and I was eating whatever ...
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started by NinjaPirate.   
Looking for someone to be my motivation buddy!
I just joined this group about a week or so ago. I am a full time student as well as a mother to 3 children. And now it is time for me to lose some of this weight! Ideally I would love to lose about 65 ...
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started by Edenrae89, 3 weeks ago.   
Its about time
Hey im new here I've casually tried dieting for a long time - and once or twice put forth serious effort. More recently a series of events have inspired me to finally stop "I'll do it t ...
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started by Kormac.   
I'm only 19 and have about 20 pounds to lose, but I believe that the only way I can change my habits is through the help of people similar to me that I hope to find in this group! We can do this t ...
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started by mauralts, a month ago.   
Ok soooo I've lost 20lbs since on FS didn't think I could do it but the support up here is amazing so I thought maybe I should join some groups and saw this one and BOOM! Lol my name is Dee I& ...
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scla esays the EXACT same thing to the tenth of a pound
so everyday I get on the scale and in the morning with just my underwear on and for the past week or so it has said 160.2 i eat about 1400 calories a day and I workout (cardio/weight training) 5 days a ...
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started by allieaac.   
I can't stasy on the wagon...
I am completely motivated, and excited to be a bikini competitor in the tall class. I am currently not extremely overweight, but i need to cut pounds to show off the muscle gains i have made. I love to ...
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Just joined the group
I've been on here a few times. The first time was successful, I lost between 30 and 35 pounds. I felt great, looked great, and now I want to get back down to that weight. Unfortunately, this time I ...
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started by mscoaa.   
Motivation and Inspiration needed to boost my own Dedication!
I finally reached my breaking point! The point where you hate your body so much that you can't even look at yourself in the mirror anymore! I only have 1 child, but I've been alone since I found ...
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started by FatSheepOfTheFamily, 3 months ago.   
New to the group
Hi i m new to the group .. i need to lose 50 lbs ... mostly by the end of june.. please advice me a diet and excercise regime. i am vegeterian nd eat eggs and have milk.
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started by healthy_mind.   
New to Group
I am really needing some support and motivation. I know only I can make changes and make my life healthier and work out but I just need some help, I have always been overweight and have struggled for a ...
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started by JenniferNichols0127.   
Need simple diet plan
Hi.. M getting married in February n I need to lose 15kgs by then. Sooo.. Can anyone help me with this.. I used to hit gym regularly but past 6months m not able to coz f my exams resulting in gaining ...
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started by Aksasmi.   
So my 10 year reunion is this summer...
:( Uh oh. I need help! Please feel free to friend me. I need some peer pressure-um, I mean buddies!-to help keep me on track. I need to lose about 30 pounds total, but any amount is a great amount! Op ...
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started by Eden6.   
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Does it really help if we dont eat after 8pm??
I select this challenge which says no food after 8pm... Does it really help or just a health tip
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started by Sameer Chandani.