Group Forum: lost weight but not belly and thigh fat :(

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Posted: 13 Mar 2013, 13:43
i am approx 5.6 1/2 inch i weigh 67kg
i have lost nearly 15 to 18kg ie almost 40pounds but the problem is even after so much weightloss i still dont have a flat tummy and thin thighs ,during this weight loss i lost 4 inch from my belly from 36inch waist i am almost 32inch ,so now i have decided to lost 10kg ie 22pounds more lets see after that loss i am able to get the body i want
has any one had the same probelm with belly or thigh fat

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Posted: 15 Mar 2013, 20:59
Yep, it's all in my belly and thighs. I've lost a half inch off of my butt, an inch off my bust and nothing off my belly and thighs. That's after one month of exercise and healthy eating. I was originally at 157 a month ago. Now 149. I have no idea how it came off that fast but I've slowed down this past week. When I was 125 pounds, 3 years ago, I was still skinny fat...thin with a belly and thighs. I hope to be able to tone those areas after I reach my goal weight. I think it will be a lot of hard work. Let me know if you find a method that works!