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Posted: 08 Mar 2013, 10:55
Hey everybody!
I'm 20, and last month started working out everyday in an attempt to get back in shape and feel better by summer. Unfortunately most of my friends are giving my s##t about it. I think it is because one year ago I got really sick and dropped about 40 pounds in 4 weeks (most of which was my body eating my muscle), since then I've gained back about 10 pounds and I'm finally feeling strong enough and confident enough to start working out and I want to lose about 20 pounds by summer without their judgment. Anyone else with the same goal?

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Posted: 13 Mar 2013, 13:30
i have the same goal 20 pounds and if u are willing to workout each and everyday along with a healthy diet then u will surely attain ur goal,along with circuit training it is important that u spend an hour or two doing activities like cycling,running on treadmill,jogging,etc,i spend an hour cycling and then 1/2 hour of treadmill and i am avoiding all kinds of fast food and also any type of fat containing food,and i am losing nearly 1kg ie 2.2 pounds a week

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Posted: 20 Mar 2013, 15:29
I love that you're putting an emphasis on getting in shape and feeling better rather than holding yourself to exactly 20#, that's what it's all about! If your body attacked some muscle while you were sick, you might gain muscle mass while you're losing fat, which is fantastic but not fairly displayed on the scale so be sure to make notes about things like endurance and energy levels to keep you motivated beyond that one number. Best of luck!
In regards to the friends giving to you grief...