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Posted: 09 Jan 2013, 08:54
Hi, I have been struggling to lose weight for a couple of years now. I've tried various methods, a few fads, I've signed up to charity runs and currently (since April) I'm attempting to follow the slimming world plan. At the beginning of a new diet or fitness regime I manage to get into it and lose a bit of weight, then a few weeks/months down the line I lose motivation and gain it all again, with a few extra pounds on top. I've managed to get down to 10st (140lb) at my lowest and regained up to 11st4lb (158lb). Its very frustrating. I dont know how to lose weight and keep it off or how to stay motivated for longer than a few weeks. Does anyone have any motivational tips?

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Posted: 10 Jan 2013, 18:28
I think it's most important to remember that weight loss should be an effect of your healthy diet and not the purpose of your diet. Instead of trying different fads, start small and make lifestyle changes that you are willing to live with forever. If your plan is a crash diet completely different from your usual diet and with the intention of ending the diet once you reach your goal, then you're setting yourself up for failure. A jolt to the system is definitely necessary once in a while (ie, after Christmas!) but it should still be part of a bigger plan.

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Posted: 11 Jan 2013, 12:57
I agree with Katie. Try with making substitutions, such as brown rice instead of white or whole wheat instead of white wraps/bread/etc. Also, controlling portion size is a big factor on success.

In my case I chose the South Beach diet for two main and one extra reason. I have so much more energy and feel fuller longer without all the carbs in my diet. Also, wheat in general is an inflammatory and bothers my tendonitis if i have too much of it.. the side benefit is that i also lose weight! I'm not saying this diet works for everyone but find something that works and stay with it!
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