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Posted: 04 Dec 2012, 00:44
Hi I'm a single mom of a beautiful baby boy and I love him ... except what he's done to my body. On the day I delivered him I weighted in at 199 "yikes" and thankfully that's the biggest I've gotten since I'm only 5'2". Well needless to say he's turning 2 in January and I'm at a stand still with my weight loss. I have roughly 11 more pounds to go to reach my target weight at 130 and can't seem to shake them. I'm not as active as I should be but I do chase around a wild child daily, lol. Does anyone have any helpful advice you'd be will to share? Thanks in advance.

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Posted: 19 Dec 2012, 14:14
Any time you get stuck at a weight it means one of two things, either that is a normal weight for you or you need to change something about what you're eating/exercising. In your case you are technically in the "normal" range for BMI, granted you are on the higher end of that scale.

I'm not sure what you're doing for a diet but tweaking one or two things might be the answer in your case. If you want to give me a rough breakdown on what you eat I could help you better.
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